Warlords Garrisons; Where to Star

First things first. Before you do anything else make sure you log into every 90 character you have to start the rested experience. The game does not start it automatically, make sure the characters are in an inn or capital city.

Leveling is going to go hand in hand with your garrison and there are some decisions to make. Here are some of the tips I have been reading about that might be useful to everyone.

– Do all extra quests, they grant extra experience. The additional objectives show up in your mini map so keep an eye out.
– Chose your initial buildings based on the professions you already have. They will unlock more useful things for you and speed things up.
– As far as small buildings make sure you get a tannery for the tents (they will be BoA) and will grant you a leveling buff.
– From the medium buildings, the barn seems to be one that raiders will prefer because of savage bloods (crafting material)
– Large Buildings, barracks and bunkers hands down.
– At level 98 start your legendary ring quest!

I just wanted to keep this short and sweet for people that are just looking to jump in with some clues but not a roadmap. If you want more details, MR Robot put out an awesome info graphic.

Also don’t forget to visit our guildie GrunpyElf, he put an awesome guide together!