TBC Raids – The Battle for Mount Hyjal

The Battle for Mount Hyjal (achievement)

Last night I came in at the tail end of this achievement run put together by Mr Froto and Sal. For a 70 level instance with a group of about 20 level 80s it was still tricky.

The last fight has your standard get out of the fire goodness, but it also has a launch into the air part to it. You are given an item that allows you to slow fall but it is only effective right before you are about to hit the ground. Hit it to early and you are still a pancake. It took us an extra try, but after we all tried the whole jumping and hitting the special item it was a lot simpler.

Almost everyone in the guild got the The Battle for Mount Hyjal achievement, but I am sure that we will have to have an alt run soon. We will also need to do a For The Alliance clean up so all alts have their bear. I think almost everyone’s main now has dragons from timed CoS, now we need to start getting everyone’s alts the same.