PvP Madness

Waiting for our victims

We have been doing lots of raiding, and also have to mention our arena addicted members that take breaks to fill a spot for us. Overall PvP has been low in our schedule and I think we are almost ripe for another attempt at getting the people that are missing the War Bear their chance.

However this week we revisited WG. Since the patch that attempted to balance the numbers things are getting a lot better. Things are not completely fixed, but it is at least feasible for the alliance in our server to win even during peek playing hours.

WG is a fun way to farm honor which translates into gems if you are all decked out for PvP. What makes it even funner is to have several people in your vent doing some shared objectives.

The more I do PvP, the more I realize that one on one skill is almost overridden by class mismatches, but a solid group can even things out even against awesome PvPers and even Pallies.

Give it a try, get a group of 10 people and go into WG and just hang out at sunken ring while defending. It can really tip the scale over to the other side.

Have fun PvPing!

Bear Brought To you By BoondockSaints

Achievements are a time sink that is lower in my list of priorities for WoW, which reminds me that I really need to go grind for some rep and get another flying mount. Achievements that give some kind of rewards are another story. I tried to put a raid together to go kill all the horde achievements, but more importantly that it grants you the reigns of [Reins of the Black War Bear].

The story begins a couple of weeks before. We’ve had a handful of guilds wanting to do run with us and had the chance to do Naxx 25 and OS 25 last week. Also some of them have been asking to merge, but we are not interested on dropping our name or having 1337 players that will tell our friends how much they need to improve. We have a couple of smaller guilds that are pretty much extended members and they provide us with whatever we need to fill groups. As far as mergers we were only interested on mature players that wanted to raid during the evenings and weekends. In our low population server this seemed almost impossible to accomplish, but we were not in a hurry. There was a guild that was recommended by one of our new members, so I started conversations with their GM two weeks ago. We set up events together to have most of them not available… they seemed interested but really could not seem make the effort. Most guilds seem to overstate their membership, and they told me they had 10 regular players but I never saw more than 5 online at once. I was not holding my breath, but it would have been very nice to fill the guild with players that would take us to being able to do a full 25 man with mostly BoondockSaints.

I have been leveling my priest. We really are goon on healers right now since our main healer is back from an extended vacation and we have added 4 new people that do an excellent job keeping our tanks alive. But I leveled Logtar extremely fast and did not get to enjoy the labor of love that is running things your level and working on your professions. I have been having fun healing BGs and old world dungeons with the priest.

This past weekend I had the best group in a long time. The pace was good, the people were funny and polite and we just had a blast in Sunken Temple. It made me remember the times when I grouped with Moon and Star back when we were all 40s. So after we finished the dungeons I asked if there was anyone over 20. Someone replied and told me they were over 30 but would not say how old. We stayed and chatted for a bit and what do you know… there was a small guild of people that were trying to do heroics, and they were all real life friends all over 30. Not just that, they were looking for a guild our size to come to. I did not get too excited, I discussed it with the officers as a just maybe type of deal. The following day some of them got to run with one of your heavy DPSers and we exchanged tells back and forth.

The next day I get a tell… hey, someone wants to ask you a couple of questions… I said sure. We chatted for a couple of minutes, and then, ok, we’re ready. We all want to come over… O.o

Seriously? Yeap, our guild merged just like that… the next day everyone was on vent and their personalities fit right in! So now with over 20 people on we said, hey lets do For The Alliance… and BAM, full raid in about 15 minutes.

We had attempted to kill Sylvanas Windrunner in The Undercity not too long ago, but we had maybe 15 people in the raid we knew and the 5 extra just did not push us over on DPS. We got her half way down and then THE HORDE showed up. I did not have high expectations because I have seen what happens when a horde town is attacked and how quickly they come and counter any attempt.

To my surprise though, the group did awesome and we not only pwned the Windrunner, we pwned the resistance that showed up at Undercity. We did so well that we headed to kill Lor’Themar Theron in Silvermoon City and got him even faster. People started talking about Ogrimar and my death alarm started going off, but I said what the heck… portals up, lets get it on.

This is when the heavy horde numbers started to show up, but we pushed through even as we got separated and had to do the fight with Warchief Thrall in Orgrimmar with almost half of the people from the raid on ghost form. This was at 9:00 P.M server time when most people in our server play. We struggled but we killed him… had a harder time getting out of Orgrimmar but prevailed. That is when we got a little too confident and when we showed up to kill Cairne Bloodhoof in Thunder Bluff we were outnumbered.

I was not sure about attempting to finish it the next day, but when we had almost 30 people in the guild on, and getting a couple of tells from the people that got on our raid the night before, I said sure. We slowly got a lock and a small group to the north of Thunderbluff, got everyone summoned and with only a handful of people besides the twenty some from our guild we killed eat more Tauren. We circled around and killed the Windrunner again since not everyone was on the night before, but were stomped in Orgrimar since we lacked the numbers we had the night before. Most people in our guild now have the Warbear, and now its just a matter of getting it for other alts. Its a neat achievement to complete because you truly need to be able to lead a raid of 40 which is like trying to get 40 monkeys to sit still.

That was tons of fun!
Ogrimar Down