So Much Fun!

Having a conversation with a guildie and a raid leader from another guild this week made me realize I am not the only one having so much fun with the current content.

One of them is a very experienced player and the reason I have seen so much of ICC (I healed all the way up to professor last night), the other is a player that is raiding with us primarily but can know do a raid with any group on our server.

They both come from totally different spectrums in the play world of raiding from casual to hardcore and they are both having a blast with raiding the content that is in WoTLK.

The old time raider like me admires the work that has been put into encounter mechanics. How every fight and every pull requires slightly different skill, and mobility and targeting is not just something a couple of people have to be good at, but everyone has to do or the fight is over before it even starts.

The new raider is looking at the raid world for the first time and appreciating that our raid group is both patient and skilled. We don’t carry people, everyone works hard and that way all of our accomplishments feel earned. We try to bring everyone up to par, even if some of our DPS people are just getting outrageous and being able to count as two people… lol

Our guild has conquered several hard modes now, a couple of us got our Heroic Drakes, most now are wearing the Champion of the Frozen Waste and Nightfall titles. While a lot of it can be attributed to gear being so easy to obtain, I still see pugs fail in completing content constantly. While a lot of is puggable by many, you still require some skill to accomplish things. Just try to run VoA during the weekend and you will see what I am talking about (how hard is it to switch to the orbs – I have no clue because I only tank or heal). Putting those skills to test makes it fun, being with a group of friends makes it even better.

As a guild we have completed all of Naxx with almost every 80, 3 different 10 mans have now done EoE, we area about 8 bosses deep into Ulduar and complete ToC every week. I think this week we will get past CapnCrunch in ICC, and once we are done assisting on the 25 some of us have been lucky enough to take part of, I think we can bring the knowledge back and have a consistent 10 man doing ICC. We are not at the cutting edge of progresssion, but don’t be fooled by people that think that killing Arthras is simple, even with a 10% buff now. Only a small percentage of people is attempting hard modes at the moment in ICC, several groups are hitting walls in either healing or DPS.

Our group? We are enjoying the content that is both fun and challenging. Sure the shinny purples are pretty, but things like beating a boss tanks to a well placed bandaged can only be enjoyed with a fun group of people! Happy Raiding Saints!

Lady Deathwhisper and Gunship Battle Down

We are on a roll ladies and gentleman. Last night we took a mixed group between our original kill and new comers that were not saved and had our second kill in ICC as a guild.

Lady Deathwhisper was not as tough as originally thought and after one run through just to make sure everyone knew their roll pretty good we got into a great rhythm. We got to the second phase extremely quickly in our second attempt and knew exactly what to correct. Our DPS was amazing and our heals even better. Even with a couple of the healers only stepping into ICC for the first time ever.

The gunship battle is a lot simpler of an encounter and all about teamwork. We had that down path and spent more time just having fun with the jet packs. I need one of those just to have in game, that thing is cool.

It was getting late and we all had to work so we only attempted sourfang once but he does seem a little tougher than the previous bosses. I think this week we should have an easier time in the encounters we have already figured out and actually get to work on the later bosses more and more. 3 encounters down in one week is not bad progression. Hopefully this week we can get one more under our belt and continue to progress. We also had some awesome loot drop 🙂 that is only going to make two of our top DPS even better. ICC is turning out to be a lot more fun than frustrating. We are also going back and clearing Ulduar, I think after a full clear there we will start attempting some hard modes. Happy raiding.

Lord Marrowgar

We did it! our first ICC boss kill as a guild!

We have been farming emblems every week and making sure that everyone gets their frost from the weekly raid. We are getting to know the new people that joined us and have been able to run things a lot quicker because of it.

So last night after we got done with the last couple of runs in OS to make sure all alts had their emblems of Frost we happened to have some of our top DPS and heals on. I was originally going to tank, but after the advice of Theydrin who practically ran the raid for us (he is up to Festergut with on 25) I switched to heals and let our other tanks do the tanking.

The fight is simple if you 1) get people out of spikes quickly and 2) stay out of the fires. Once everyone understand that there should be no hesitation to lose some DPS to get out of a fire or burn down a spike your success rate goes through the roof.

Our first attempt was a wipe, but we got him to about 10% and simply ran out of mana. We started very organized and positioned properly, but after the first bone storm we went all over the place and started to run into people out of reach of the healers. We did not lose anyone during the first bone storm, but by the second one we actually had to brez someone. We then got into a groove but even though we did not get close to the enrage timer all of our healers were out of mana.

During our second attempt everyone knew what to expect and our positioning was a lot better throught the fight. We did not have as many close calls as we did in the first one when it came to heals and bone spikes were burnt quickly. During the first attempt people needed at least two or even heals until they were brought back to full, the second attempt they were down very quickly and only ran into a snag when someone got spiked right over a fire.

We burnt the boss with time to spare and just enough mana. We moved onto the next boss and got a couple of very nice attempts, but since we all have jobs to attend to we decided to pick it at a later time.

We are making progress slowly and I am sure we will do another ToC this week, who knows maybe even TogC which takes less time and still gives cool loot!

Thanks again for everyone’s patience and hard work!