How Nerfing the Game is Making it Better

I honestly never expected my wife to truly become addicted to WoW. I always knew she would enjoy it because of the types of games she plays and the themes she likes on her reading and movies. I did not expect her to get addicted beyond the level that I play, but I am glad she is having a blast. The interesting part is that she is a better player than most that I have seen, and she will be raid ready probably as soon as she hits 80. Funny thing is that from watching me raid, I think she is looking forward to her first raid, and as soon as she hits 70 I think to Kara we will head.

I have raid many of the people that were downing bosses on 40 man raids talk about how getting a piece of gear now feels like entitlement. That has always bothered me about the game when I started playing it. So many people I encountered had terms that would put down people if they did not know their little “secret” terms about raiding and being inside of a dungeon. The thing is that getting to do a dungeon was difficult and most high level players would only help you with the places that were either quick or they would know very well so they could maximize their playing time. Someone run you through Mara? forget it.

Getting into a dungeon in previous iterations of the game required that you had at least one experienced player. Someone needed to know where the stone was and direct at least one other person to get here. If you had no FPs close to it you would be waiting there for a long period of time. Most of the time you were stuck doing the same dungeons that most people knew how to get to, Deadmines, Scarlet Monastery come to mind. So you really did not get to see a lot of the content when it came to dungeons, you were pretty much stuck leveling through doing quests and killing pigs over and over. That is how people used to level.

People would hit cap and want to go into a raid, and that is where the problem started. Most people had done dungeons with a very experienced player, and at times levels above them. This created the illusion that dungeons were a simple thing and you did not have to pay attention… then BAM, you go into a raid and the difficulty level goes through the roof. You die, or make a mistake and people don’t invite you to raids anymore, or you simply get discouraged… your raiding career is over before it even started. That used to happen a lot in the old days of WoW. Most of the people I met playing the game had never been in a raid and were just terrified of the whole idea.

I wonder how many of the wannabe top raiders realize about what it really takes to get a world first. You have to prepare for content way in advance of it being released and the PRT is where they probably spend a lot of time… I wonder what the actual % of the top guilds is on PRT vs live Realms is. I don’t get how someone that is simply following a strategy from a place like tankspot can feel entitled to look down at any other player… when they just basically did what a 5 year old does when they buy a guide to a game they cannot figure out by themselves.

Trust me, the jerks that still talk down to people for their simple mistakes are still there in every realm. I just will not ever get that mentality because if you wanted robots (or an IA) to run a raid with you, simply play a solo game. The human factor is what makes the game fun for me, the mistakes that the group compensates for and make everyone laugh after is what makes thing enjoyable. The kill after several wipes is what makes things feel like an accomplishment.

Now the dungeon tool lets people make mistakes with other toons around their level. They start learning about aggro, DPS, DOT, healing, situational awareness and yes move out of the fire very early on. My wife is a better player at 60 thank I was even after months of playing as a 70. Part of it is that she has a great guild behind her with people that have advice and lend a hand when she needs it, but it has mostly been that she has had to learn through just pugging with people and learning to DPS.

Titles, legendary weapons, world firsts are all fine and dandy for those that want to pursue it. Sure it would be nice to get a realm first with our guild some day. Being able to play with friends and now family and still see some awesome content is making the game better for me. I enjoy this game quite a bit, and the changes that are coming are making me even more excited. So keep on nerfing blizzard, I welcome the opportunity to have fun.

Wicked Pug Diaries

I have hated pugging quite a bit during my WoW life. I think I have even done quite a bit before the new pub system to remind our guild that pugging is bad for your sanity. Then blizzard throws a curve ball and makes the game yet again funner to play by making the idea of pugging cool again.

Two things used to make pugging painful beyond belief. Getting people to the dungeon. Someone would tell you, I am on my way to the stone… only to find out later that they either did not know where the stone was or had not paid for a fast mount yet. That would set the tone for the run and a pug would take hours on top of some more hours. Now the new system lets you to deal only with issues during the run and those can be a lot easier to deal with and you are only subjected to them for 15 mins. So why not talk about some of them here, specially the ones that amuse me.

We have a third or maybe fourth wave of 80s leveling up. I think most people in our guild now have 2 raiding 80s and have a couple more on the way or already there. Some of us have stayed away from the DPS since we have plenty there, but we have several people trying to catch up with Kabara and Theydrin on their ridiculous DK DPS specs.

As a guild we always try to help out people through their last push of levels and when I have a chance I tank even regular dungeons to have people que up faster. So two guildies and I set out to dominate DTK… my favorite instance.

We que up and the first statement out of the pugs that join is like MAAAAAN! THERE GOES MY EXPERIENCE… THERE ARE 80s here, the other one was a mage and started down the same path. My reply was simply, “no worries this will be quick, and remember the door is just a click away we can 3 man this if needed.” The non mage pug quickly corrects himself and comes back with, I just want my emblems so its cool with me.

The run was a lot of fun, and since I was tanking and did not need much healing the pulls were big and we moved quickly. The pace was set and we were almost done with the whole run and just cleared a big pull right after the big Dino. There is single pat with mobs all around, but he can be pulled by himself. My plan was to pull him first then kite him to another group and grab agro. The mage had been having fun with his blizzard and was not pulling agro so it was all good.

As I run forward and I am ready to press my charge button I see a fireball flying over my shoulder. I try to recall if the mage has been pulling or not but I had not been paying too much attention since I run DTK almost in autopilot. I stopped and did not press my charge button but instead turned my toon around to face the offending mage.

The mage has cojones, I will give him that. He gets ready to down this elite and did everything to get ready except flex to show me he could handle it. So the mob is running past me and I am static and just waiting to see what he is going to do. I am half waiting for him to either cast something to slow him or freeze him in place when the mob starts to go into a whirlwind.

See, casters are squishy, but a whirldwinding mob in WoW can mow down even plate weares… so a 70s toon in a dungeon wearing green cloth will meet the spirit rez faster than you can say “lightning bolt.”

As soon as the mob start spinning the mage stops casting and starts backing away… then the magic word comes! I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry! I promptly trow my weapon and the mob and charge him. Sometimes the best thing to do is to let someone stick the fork into the socket… you might just have the power to take the electricity off and just let themselves give a little shock.

Reaching the Latest Content

Blizzard has made it simple for the casual player to obtain not just gear but access to content. While I do believe that most high level raids still require above average knowledge of the game and the fight mechanics; in the next couple of months I think everyone that has the goal of at least killing the Lich King should be able to do so. That was not true in previous iterations of the game.

Last week was the first time that I healed the new boss in VoA in 10, but also tanked it on both 10 and 25. I had not been able to do that with Ony when she got her upgrade to 80. I did go in the first week and tried for a couple before she actually went down. It was not until this week that I actually got the Mord Dots Achievement. It felt good to be able to see and conquer new content the week it was released. ICC has been a little slower to progress, but the guild is making progress and we have 3 players going to a 25 every week and they are advancing, and one of our healers in another 25 that is even further. It is only a matter of time until our 10 gets going and we can have the accomplishment down for our guild.

When I started playing in BC one of that things that really bothered me about the game once I started to understand it was that you truly don’t get to see all the game unless you raid. There are tons of content and story lines in the game that you can explore through quests, but he culmination of most of them comes in the form of a dungeon encounter. That cool special mount you want? yeap, you have to go to a dungeon or a raid.

I have heard over and over how even in BC the game was watered down from the days of 40 man raids and I don’t disagree. I don’t find that fair that a game would not give you access to the cool things that were built unless you have above average skill. I think Blizzard is doing a great job of making the game accessible and easy to pick up and level. I even sound like an old timer when I tell my wife that it was not that simple to get a mount and your time walking around in the past was not counted in days but months.

It still does not take away from the game for me in any level. There are plenty of achievements and hard modes that are badges of honor. That and having a guild that has grown at a very slow pace but with players that want to hang out and do stuff together. We have an easier time putting a 10 man on the spot now than a couple of months ago and have completed things that at first seem unsurmountable for a casual guild. Sure, some of it is the access to easier gear and being able to level a lot quicker now, but it still does not take away from having a bunch of people always willing to help one another achieve their individual goals.

I am super excited that I have been able to run dungeons with real life friends, and I know that is only thanks to being part of a great casual guild. I look forward to taking down ICC, and it might not be a world or server first, but at least I will be with a bunch of people that has made every night we play a source of endless jokes and entertainment.

Epic Flying – Irrelevant?

On the road to 80 I did not have many set goals for my professions besides them being a supplemental money earning thing. It was not until my priest became a scribe and alchemist that my main became a true farming toon. I had been advised to pick up skinning and mining as professions and it served me well in keeping some money in the bank while I leveled, however they are not complementary to make real gold in game. I decided to switch Logtar to be a flower child and miner and he became “the grinder”. While those two don’t totally compliment raiding for the extra stats, I had to make the sacrifice. Even in a low population server you still have to wrestle for a node from time to time and a priest was just not going to cut it as a farmer.

When I had the money I dropped the 5K gold to get epic flying. The primary reason was from getting quicker to and from places, instances, farming, dailies. It was a necessary evil, because 5 K are not easy to grind when your main farming toon is constantly getting tells to tank something. Ever since I dropped that much gold on epic flying I have been dreading leveling other toons because once you fly that fast is hard to get on a slow mount… then travel in the WoW became irrelevant for most toons.

I don’t see a reason for getting epic flying on all my toons anymore. The gathering toon needs it to be effective, but once I have mats my crafters can sit happy in Dalaran and do their thing… you need to raid? you get summoned, you que up, there is no travel… also my crafters won’t do dailies besides cooking and maybe fishing, but that travel is limited.

Working on my third 80 now I start to think about the money that it implies and how 5K go a lot further towards leveling professions than towards having my toon fly around in style… however, the dude is druid and flying will come “natural” but is it a priority anymore?

I am curious to hear your thoughts on this matter. Do you think that now Epic flying in all toons is kind of a mute point?

Gearing Up

The new LFG system has made it very easy to gear up… and if you want to raid, you need to first gear up.

The first step is to create a shopping list. You will want your tier gear and trinkets that will come from emblems of triumph. Be very careful when adding all 5 pieces you can get to your shopping list because

A) The bonus set (there is a 2 piece and a 4 piece set bonus) might be compromising some aspect of the build you want to use. You might be better off just planning to keep a couple of those pieces.

B) You might want to save for the most expensive piece of your set instead of getting two cheap ones if it will give you more output.

First make sure you replace your greens and blues with the purples from the regular heroics. Look at your gear and find where each piece can be replaced. Prioritize the list and then find what will replace that piece and where does it come from. Have not only a list of what can be from a drop, but what can be from emblems, and DO NOT dismiss things that you can get from the lower tiers. Some of the trinkets and backs can be quite useful even from a tier or so ago.

Armed with a shopping list you will have to grind randoms… but follow these tips.

– Get the weekly raid done. If not with your guild, pug it. So far I have not seen any boss that was impossible with a pug, except for maybe the instructor that requires people to know the fight. Patchwork, Razorscale, Sartharion are all puggable. Don’t miss on those 5 emblems of frost if you can.

– ALWAYS do a RANDOM dungeon. It will give you two extra badges, and the first time that day two emblems of frost.

– DO NOT SKIP Oculus, Gundrak, Old Kingdom or Nexus, they all give over 7 badges when its all said and done. In fact, if you have a piece that you need from any of those and have the time, just grind them. They will give you the same number of badges as doing UK or An-K with a random.

– Recruit a tank to help you if you are not one. They will help you queue up faster. If you have a good tank in a random group, thank them and ask them if they can do another one with you.

– DO NOT leave any loot back, even if the tank is going a mile a minute press shift click or set auto loot on. DE at every chance. Save those mats for your enchants, they will come in handy.

– DO NOT waste time. If the group is not working, leave. Set a threshold and stick to it. My recomendation is 2 full wipes. If someone is AFK for a long period of time, leave. If people are being aggravating, leave. Go do some farming while you queue up again. Avoid any group that the tank is a DPS masked as a tank to que up quickly. You can see it right away if they are wearing PvP or non defense gear, or if their health is under 25K. (most tanks of any class will have at least 25 K even when starting to gear up)

– Group with people you know. If there is a group already doing chains, ask to join them and wait for them. It will make the time you waited for them worth it to be in a good group.

– Every day while gearing up, do a run through regular ToC and the ICC dungeons. The gear there is still very good even on the regular mode.

Now that you have some emblems and a shopping list you need to do some Wintergrasp. WHAT? I NEED TO DO BGs… I HATE BGs… and well, I do as well. They are disorganized chaos, but honor is the cheapest way to get gems at the moment. WG seems to be the most effective way to farm honor because of the quests they have. Save the honor and go get gems. Get them cut as soon as you have the best piece from your shopping list. Use cheap gems and enchants from the AH for transitional pieces. Don’t leave open gems or un-enchanted gear whenever possible.

Once you have all your tier gear pieces it is time to get them enchanted and gemmed with the best there is available to you. Then it should be time for you to start doing H ToC 5 man and the H ICC 5 man dungeons.

Using the advice I gave above I was able to gear up my priest pretty quickly and now I only need to replace pieces that either need to be crafted, or are drops from ICC 5 mans or raids.

Progression does not mean left behind

After another very fun guild meeting with taking down 25 man OS right after, a group of us started trying to shape our new 10 man group. The next day people logging on see a raid forming and start feeling automatically left behind.

Our guild has 3 speeds of players.

Serious raiders that like to get content done but don’t want to deal with the annoyance of a “hardcore raiding guild” that will mistreat their members at the first mistake or kick them out for a no show.

Casual raiders that want to raid, but don’t have the time to commit to set raid days and times.

Last but not least we have the people that play and are not interested on the raiding aspect of the game.

The problem arises when someone from the casual group wants to go do what the serious raiders want to do, but don’t get a spot on a run that they have the time for. For the most part this does not become an issue because several of our raiders are used to pugging and will gladly step aside if a guildie wants to go on a run. It becomes an issue the moment we start saying progression because it means that we are making that raid with the best players available in an attempt at doing slightly more challenging content.

We have several ideas on how to make everyone feel included, but for now we are settling for two 10 mans. One we are calling our progression 10 man which will be doing higher content ToC, TogC, ICC and hard modes. The other one (or two others since we now have plenty of extra 80 alts) will concentrate on gearing people and just getting people familiar with raiding if they are new in Naxx, OS, Vault and Ulduar.

Honjuder had the great idea that we devote one 10 man per day starting on Tuesday to the weekly raid. We will still wait for the schedule to be ironed out and put in game hopefully before the end of this week.

Froto has stepped up to lead our more serious raiders and I will be using my alt to lead other raids as needed. Since some of the content will not intersect, I might even be able to run some of the gearing runs. Simply sign up for the runs and be ready to show us what you can do. The raids at the progression level will be formed to have the best chance to succeed.

So check out the calendar in game for upcoming events and be part of the fun! The key to a raid besides showing up is being a good team player.

Also see one of the officers if you want to schedule other events, we are going to go on another bear run in the coming weeks.


Hollogos hit 80 this weekend, and weird enough he actually did it in a Battle Ground. This is my second WoW toon to reach the current 80 cap, and the first one I did for myself rather than what was more needed. I have created and deleted about 6 characters now, I start playing them and the grind gets boring. I even got a DK somewhat leveled, but when we were able to create horde toons on the same server, I created a DK to help the lowbees run through stuff. Now that toon as well as the druid I created there sit idle. I seem to be a one toon a time kind of person and have not quite caught the altoholic addiction that McTeague is the worst sufferer of, but some of our other guildies are not far behind with 3 or more 80s.

The Future Generation

Leveling a priest in BC was rough. I remember putting the toon aside and leveling my hunter because of just the squishiness of the priest. Also the grind just seemed pointless and not very productive. Then WotLK came out and the race to get Logtar to 80 left the priest all but forgotten and third fiddle to the DK I created. He was not really touched until our progression was stagnant and I needed to make more money. I started leveling his inscription and little by little he started actually being useful.

Lets get ready to rumble

My interest on him started to pick up when we started to receive experience while in BGs. I think I got 10 easy levels that way, but it got nerfed. Then I ventured into the healing side of things and found it very interesting and challenging in a good way. Thanks to some of those once a week healing excursions I actually met some of our guildies. I enjoyed it, but it was not a full time job… almost like a hobbie. He sat at 50 for a long time, and I would log in and quest but nothing seemed to really push him forward.

Two maning Botanica for Potion's book

Logtar was getting to be very spoiled by both Ygraane and Blue having stoneblood potions ready when we were going to start running chain heroics. I had started Hollogos down the alchemy path, but used all of the herbs that I gathered leveling inscriptions. As I got closer to 60 and the capability of making better potions started to get more and more appealing. I made a push for mats by grinding but mostly by having guildies help out and I had my potions almost maxed out in a couple of days. Hollogos was looking better and better.

Yeap, PvP Domination

I started to heal Arathi Basin and getting more and more successful at it, eventually topping the healing charts being just a clicker, not even using heal bot yet. The grind from 60 to 70 did not seem like a grind anymore, but a welcomed break from the tanking. What also helped is that we now have several people in the guild with not just tanks, but the capability of taking my spot on runs. Also the new healers that had joined our guild kicked so much butt, that I wanted to see if I could keep up.

Squishy hurts

Slowly but surely Hollogos got to reach the upper 60s and being able to enter UK. Teague helped me with a full set of gear and I was on my way. It was tough at first, but I started clearing it as a healer consistently. I enjoyed healing more and more each day. Then Blizzard changes the game once again and makes it way easier to not just get gear but progress quicker. The dungeon system was not just handing out emblems but also experience.

Both Logtar and Hollogos were PvPing ever time the daily called for WG or AB. AV has been avoided like the plague since people seem to not grasp that turtling is not just an overall bad strategy and a waste of possibl experience on boss kills but extremely boring.

All those places that I knew like the back of my hand as a tank took a whole new meaning as a healer. Mobs that I thought were super simple to kill became my true nemesis by interrupting or silencing me. I was getting more and more encouraged by the other guildies around the 70s and we had a new little gang leveling up. No wipes, lots of laughs and gear dropping like it was going out of style. Occasional pugs will fill up our ranks and provide even more entertainment.

Feeling a little Walrusy

A week of vacation with no far away destination and cold weather created the perfect storm. I could do a push to get Hollogos about a half of level per day while still raiding with Logtar. Random dungeons quickly started to include the hated spider dungeons along with UK and Nexus.

Then a week ago I started to get queued up to Gundrak. I was surprised because I had expected to spend a lot more time doing DTK, but experience and quest related to that dungeon seem to speed up the process of leveling. I also was con

BwenBwen kicked all of our asses by getting to 80 a week before any of us. Hollogos did beat Pala, Sam, Hon, Minieme, Psycho and Buren to 80 though. Pala and Sam were very close though, I think we dinged just hours apart from each other.

Hollogos is 80!

A very special tanks to everyone that helped me level, without your help the grind would have been long and tedious but you guys made it a blast. Buren, Psycho, Moon, Hon and Froto’s crab for all your tanking, Sam, Bwen, Pala, Linz, Acorn and Bomb and everyone else in the guild for all your DPS and Tera and Moon for all your enchants! I swear they were not wasted :)

The BoondockSaints


I don’t think that when we started this guild we realized that we were actually going to progress as much as we have. We have grown in numbers but still have the same family feel we did when it was just a dozen of us. As a guild we have gone six bosses deep into Ulduar and could probably come close to clearing it with the new gear we are all getting. Some of us have finished ToC and even getting into ICC raids. As a guild we are killing trash to get rep and a good number of us have the free rings from there.

We have a lot of fun every night on vent. We are helping people from other guild getting geared and are now on the third wave of 80s. My priest missed the second wave, but is happy healing like some 80 at 75. We are also never short on enchants and gems. More importantly we are never short on people that want to lend a hand.

We also never turn down a good PvP fight. We have made hit lists in the horde side and dominate most of our encounters! (except when we are outnumbered when there is only 5 of us on)

So now what?

Well, for the coming year while we wait for the new expansion and get ready to eventually face and kill Arthras we are going to make Froto happy and raid some more. We took a break from official raiding on December and are going back into a schedule. We are also going to continue with our farming days to keep our bank well stocked with raiding items. I also want to help Aloea and Smidgeon to their achievement seeking goals.

LFG Tips

Perky Pug

I got my pug last night, after a very good experience with the new LFG feature. I had 4 consecutive runs where the DPS was excellent and the only problem was that people kept pulling agro, but that is something I can deal with and great healers did not let anyone die. In less than an hour I got the rest of the “pug” numbers to get my Perky Pug.

The road there was not an easy one, but some things I did made it easier to stomach.

Say Hello
I find it fun to see where people are from sever wise. When you say hello most people will respond and if the group is waiting for a member take the time to just chit chat and make the wait less monotonous. I have not had people drop a group when there has been a greeting, if there is none and there is a wait and no interaction people will leave. Filling a group after it has been formed can be a pain specially if someone is just going to the first boss or just want to ninja something and leave. Making conversation will lower the probability of that happening. Also try to talk about loot rules, my encounter with ninjas (they need every time instead of greed or disenchant) has been about 25% of the time. It will not make them stop but make everyone aware of why you will also start needing instead of greeding.

Help Others
Less so now, but many people are not familiar with all the features of the LFG system. People get confused when they are not automatically ported and in some cases it is simply that too many instances are launched and you cannot enter yours, instruct people to keep on trying and announce that they can join when you do get in. Make sure that if someone is not showing up, let them know that they can click on the green eye by the mini map to be ported into the instance. Be the patient person in the group and it will help set the tone.

Be Prepared
Most groups will be ready to go as soon as they can port into place. I am lucky that I go with my tank most of the time, but going as a healer has made me see that some people don’t care that you don’t have full mana or buffs before you pull. Conversing helps this, because you can fit in a, lets buff first before you start. Also if you are going to use buff food or flasks, announce it and people will be more likely to wait. Also try to leave your toon sitting by a repair person, repair after every run specially if you died during the last one. It is very easy to forget and then get stuck being dragged through an instance while gear just further degrades.

Speak Up
Even in regular heroics there are fights that people used to skip and don’t know. I have had people in gear scores higher than mine wipe in Old Kingdom simply by not hitting the right mushroom in time or at all. Ask if people know the boss if he is not a tank and spank. Also call people out. If someone is DPSing without care to threat it will hurt not just the tank but the healer. Letting the drop works sometimes, but it might also leave you stuck in a place with a boss down and without a DPS. Also after a wipe, if you know what caused it say something without pointing fingers and the group will pick up and move on; it will make the walk back actually useful.

Answer Questions
Engaging the group will make it work better. If someone has a question about a boss or something you did or skip and you know the answer, don’t wait for someone else just answer the question. It will make what you say weight a lot more if you appear to know what you are talking about.

Know when to Hush
If you bring something up, but you can make up for it (low DPS for example), let it go and continue. Harping beyond the initial pointing out of the problem will not make it go away unless you decide to kick the bad player. Be aware that doing this is not a good idea, I’ve had little success with kicking someone out and filling the spot beyond the point one boss is already down. You will end up saved and with a broken group. Filling it up will waste your time.

Know when to quit
Even though a bad player can be dragged through and they might even be thankful, do know when to quit. I have experienced that one really bad player or three medial players will make a run double the time. Cut your losses and go somewhere else. Minimize the time you spend waiting and maximize the time you are getting stuff. The reason you use to tool is to get stuff done. The rules of when you run with your guild or friends do not apply here, so learn to fold.

Need before Greed
Try to be the last one to select your loot choice. I have been surprised by how many people pass, greeding should be the norm and don’t pass it is 1-3 gold every time something drops. Not only that, enchanting mats are going for good gold in the AH or will help your GB be full. Do not believe ninjas, if you have someone need before greed, they will continue to do so. Announce to the group that you are going to need the rest of the run unless it is something that you truly don’t need and can do without. Hopefully people roll before you and you don’t run into this problem but this has been the biggest annoyance for me.

Be polite and have fun! catch some of the gear that currently is running.

Patch 3.3 LFG

Since I started playing WoW the game went from BC to WotLK and even though the changes to the game were fantastic and big nothing has changed the game like the latest feature implemented. They removed the annoyance of travel to dungeons altogether and let you earn money, mats, rep and emblems for as long as you can stomach it.

Even though there have been about 25% crappy groups, the chances of you having to group with those people again makes it a non issue. Besides the people that don’t know the fights at all, even gear seems to be a non issue in most heroics, minus of course the new content.

At first I though I was getting paired up with people with my same gear level, but that is actually just a side effect of the people on the first night who had downloaded the patch prior or had a faster connection. I’ve had some amazing groups that impressed me by their level of both play and good manners. I’ve also seen the lowest of the low. The question is now, why do I need a guild?

Raids – You will still your guild to run raids. Raids require good communication and knowing people’s play style. Even in the harder dungeons can turn into a wipe fest if people don’t communicate.

Enchants and Gems – Unless you have an unlimited amount of money and a good AH, you will have an easier time getting that shinny new gear ready for raids with a group of good crafters working together and everyone sharing the greens that are raining from the sky.

Fun groups – As much fun as it is to burn through a instance without stopping it gets mechanic and old quickly. Its nice to be able to run with the people you know when they are online. Specially now that we are all going to be so overgeared! Also with partial groups being filled so quickly, you and a couple of guildies can have tons of fun with the LFG system.

Cataclysm – I cannot wait for the new expansion and all the changes that will be attached to guild achievements. Having a solid guild going into the new expansion is going to make it 100x better.

That’s all I have for now. I am halfway to getting my pug and loving the experience.