Talking with BamBam got me thinking about the questions for this meme 🙂 Play, Share, Link back! Enjoy.

1) Word Association
Turtle ::
Swift ::
Drake ::
Mount ::
Crashin’ Thrashin’ Racer Controller ::

2) Have you tried any of the timed achievements in the game yet? (Friend of Fowl, Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy, Timely Death …)

3) Immobilizing effects, useful or annoying?

4) What is your funnest place to speed clear? Deadmines, Ramps, ZF?

5) Have you ever messed up a boss kill, achievement, or run for a whole group? Tell us your most embarrassing WoW ups.

WoW MeMe Burn Out

Today’s theme is burn out! Come out and play and bring other

1) Word Association

Gold ::

Overpowered ::

Underpowered ::

Slow ::

2) What mob do you refuse to kill anymore because you had to farm it too long?

3) What is the highest character you have ever deleted?

4) Can you still run Dead Mines and be happy about it?

5) Would instant travel ruin the game if it was introduced?

Remember play and tag a couple people not in your blogroll!

Another Friday WoW Meme – Numero Tres

Here is another edition of the Friday WoW Meme! This one with Money on My Mind!

1) Word Association

Orphan ::

Roll ::

Need ::

Greed ::

2) Where is your favorite place to grind to make money?

3) Is there any kind of grinding that you actually enjoy and not find tedious?

4) What is your current favorite daily?

5) Which old daily from BC do you miss the most?

Remember play and tag two people not in your blogroll!

FWM – Numero Dos

Here is another edition of the Friday WoW Meme!

1) Word Association

Vent ::

Young ::

Patch ::

Poison ::

2) What has been your favorite feature on the 3.1 Patch?

3) What is still not working that you think should?

4) List the servers you have toons on (or the first 5 if you are just that prolific) and how many toons you have there.

5) Do you have a toon in the other side?

Remember play and tag two people not in your blogroll!

The Friday WoW Meme

Why a meme?  Well, Fridays are a day that is hard to find things to post about… sure you can say, I will do this and that this weekend, but meme’s are like the grinding of the blog world… you have to do it.  So here is the first one! I hope you play.

1. Word Association

Elf ::

Shard ::

Epic ::

Cream ::

2. When emote annoys you the most?

3. Gnome punting… bullying or sport?

4.  What in game food that makes you hungry IRL?

Tag at least two WoW bloggers not on your Blogroll, then do it, have fun and link back to this post!