Hop Skip Jump

Individuals in our guild have done a lot of content from this last big patch, some even completing raids on the ToC area. Personally I have seen more content than I thought I would see this quickly. However, overall as a guild I think we have skipped too much content.

For me it all started with places that are not warrior tank friendly. Az N and Old Kingdom for example. Both fairly straight forward places now that I am over-geared for them. They are both mid 70 dungeons that should have been mastered before skipping them altogether, but it was a lot easier to do a place I enjoyed like DTK over and over.

Don’t get me wrong, some poorly structured content like Oculus should be skipped, but most of the dungeons that have been designed are pretty good training grounds for future raiders.

Now we have once again started doing the same thing. Instead of perfecting every wing in Naxx we are doing Ulduar and even H ToC raiding. Then people wonder why Ony is such a pain in the butt.

Ony is the perfect example of gear vs experience. No matter how good your gear is, if your party has not mastered movement and position awareness you will wipe there over, and over. It is already being pugged bu some people and it will be farm content soon enough, but the opportunity to learn is missed by just having an overachieving healer or tank or insane DPS “take you” through the content.

Raiding is about team mechanics, but specially about everyone doing their assigned job. Skipping content that shows you certain mechanics of the game does a huge disservice to you as a raider, and it hurt your future performance in a team. Another example of commonly skipped content is Heigan’s dance in Naxx. Overall not a bad fight, but one that people dread because it requires everyone to do something they are not used to doing… moving around.

Before you skip content on try to get into the next new shiny dungeon make sure you are at a point where you enjoy the current content you are geared and experience for. Understanding the fight mechanics is not just the raid leader’s job. Sure its fun to just say, let me know where to stand and I will fire my 9K DPS at the boss, but it does not help the group.

I have been leveling a priest and been loving the experience. As frustrating as it is to be the main target in every PvP encounter, it is also very rewarding to be able to make a difference and “save” things by getting the right heal out at the right time. There are comparable skills like rage management vs mana management, and watching threat… but it also has a lot more situational, like mobs just trowing something at you because they felt like it and interrupting you. That is not even counting someone pulling agro or standing on (yet again) the fire. Its a lot more fun than I thought it would be and will most likely ultimately make me a better tank.

PvP Madness

Waiting for our victims

We have been doing lots of raiding, and also have to mention our arena addicted members that take breaks to fill a spot for us. Overall PvP has been low in our schedule and I think we are almost ripe for another attempt at getting the people that are missing the War Bear their chance.

However this week we revisited WG. Since the patch that attempted to balance the numbers things are getting a lot better. Things are not completely fixed, but it is at least feasible for the alliance in our server to win even during peek playing hours.

WG is a fun way to farm honor which translates into gems if you are all decked out for PvP. What makes it even funner is to have several people in your vent doing some shared objectives.

The more I do PvP, the more I realize that one on one skill is almost overridden by class mismatches, but a solid group can even things out even against awesome PvPers and even Pallies.

Give it a try, get a group of 10 people and go into WG and just hang out at sunken ring while defending. It can really tip the scale over to the other side.

Have fun PvPing!

Ulduar Progress

Continued progress in Ulduar

The guild is making good progress in Ulduar now, partly due to easier access to better gear, but mostly because everyone is learning the fights. We were able to one shot three bosses Flame, Razorscale and XT-002. We also tried and defeated after only one wipe Kologarn.

We have reached a pretty good rithm for raiding with doing some easy content like old school raids or Naxx with 10 man ToC or Ulduar in between. We also continue to have plenty of alts with our hunters and mages all having new tanks either at 80 or in the works, it seems that I might have to work on my priest or finally roll a druid.

Speaking of my priest, the 50s went pretty quick, but the 60s seem to be dragging. I need to spend a weekend working on him and questing a bit. I have been slowly but surely just doing battleground and having fun healing and sometimes even topping the charts. It is still a big crap shoot when you BG.

As for Logtar’s gear, I just got a new pair of bracers that will help out a bit. Reading about the content that will come out for the patch 3.3 it seems that I will have to regem for stamina. The patch is getting closer so getting into our 10 man ToC might have to become a priority for me so I can replace a couple of pieces. The patch should help out with also upgrading the emblems to the same level so the gear can rain from the heavens again. I am sitting on 200 emblems right now that should probably go to building a better DPS spec, but I hardly ever really need to or want to DPS.

Everyone that has asked to join the guild lately, its not you, its me :)

We are at a good place right now and like the current group we have. We will add players to the guild, but they need to be have someone sponsor them in. We are slowly but surely talking about the next expansion and we want to have a strong core group to attack that content. Who knows, we might get our wish and have a pretty solid 10 man to start raiding content very early into the next iteration.

After Party

I was talking with iJustLost the other day about the interviews I am conducting to grow the team we are building at the new job and he compared it to how we run the guild. Running a guild is a lot like running a business. I cannot thank enough the people that help make the Boondock Saints what they have become.

We had our guild meeting and promoted a lot of people. Pala and Poison are now are newest officers. It has been a real pleasure to get e-mails from people recommending others for promotion and highlighting the hard work everyone has put into crafting and getting everyone geared. I think I am the only one that is still slacking by only having one 80. Most people are already on their second or third 80 and a lot have two dungeon geared toons that they can switch on to run things.

We had wanted to take a couple of Horde bosses down for alts and people that have not completed it, but ran into a group that was questing on the path to Orgrimar. Sure enough when we showed up there were Horde already waiting. We quickly got out of there and split up on groups to run the daily heroic. We will have to get the bosses down some other time when there are no people sounding the alarm bells, or just talk to the other guild and show up with more people.

It was a nice guild meeting, we had to upgrade our vent to a 35 person because we ran out of slots. This week we were able to run 25 mans and we are going to start our new raid schedule this week. We are doing a lot better than I could have ever imagined and it is all thanks to the people that are part of our guild. It is nice to have people around that understand that being part of a guild is a privilege! Its awesome to farm together and have flasks, fish feasts, gems, enchants and now even drums as something the guild can provide because everyone pitches in!

A little summary of the points covered last night.

* Be polite and respectful. No putting down of people for race, religion, political affiliation, dps, lack of move out of the fire skill.
* Use our vent channels. We have created more and just talk to one of the officers for passwords or to create additional channels.
* Talk to your officers about scheduling events. We have Halloween coming up as well as world PvP.
* Use your user note to let us know if you are making a push to level your profession. We will help you get it to 450.
* We now have 2 capped enchanters with all the recepies and Moondust very close to getting the all for JC. Get all your gear enchanted and gemmed prior to raids.

Congratulations to everyone on the promotions! (Fotos in the Facebook Group and later on the website!)

TBC Raids – The Battle for Mount Hyjal

The Battle for Mount Hyjal (achievement)

Last night I came in at the tail end of this achievement run put together by Mr Froto and Sal. For a 70 level instance with a group of about 20 level 80s it was still tricky.

The last fight has your standard get out of the fire goodness, but it also has a launch into the air part to it. You are given an item that allows you to slow fall but it is only effective right before you are about to hit the ground. Hit it to early and you are still a pancake. It took us an extra try, but after we all tried the whole jumping and hitting the special item it was a lot simpler.

Almost everyone in the guild got the The Battle for Mount Hyjal achievement, but I am sure that we will have to have an alt run soon. We will also need to do a For The Alliance clean up so all alts have their bear. I think almost everyone’s main now has dragons from timed CoS, now we need to start getting everyone’s alts the same.

We got Froto Yes We Do

One of the coolest cats on our server just joined the BoondockSaints. It came at just the perfect time also because we needed to push for a couple of new raid leaders and he is probably one that we can learn from the most.

Froto is a pro at pugging stuff, and when you pug stuff you learn a lot. You learn to deal with personalities and class mixes that probably are not adequate but you make it work.

He had been chilling in a small guild with some of his friend and now he and his lady are running with us in a official way. Froto had been filling up our ranks when we needed DPS or heals.

Froto and Mime are both great hunters and that output awesome DPS and they will help our progression. In the second night they were on they took a group to EoE which I have never even set foot into!

I have been running H ToC with some of my RL friends that are now 80 and having a blast. I am hoping this week we get 5 or 6 raids going since we now have more people that can lead. I am excited that I am not running any of the raids and I can simply be a participant.

We are also starting our PvP teams and I will sneak in as an alternate and maybe learn something. I will be purchasing the PvP set with all the conquest badges that I don’t have use for anymore and see if I can actually do any good as an arms warrior.


Last year I was in Colombia when the Brewfest was going on, so I did not know any of the quest or what getting the Brewmaster achievement entailed. I was on early in the morning the other day and got a jump on all the fun right after Pirate’s day. The quests are pretty straight forward and require only enough patience to actually read the instructions. I am only a couple achievements away from getting everything related to this holiday which seems easier than any of the other ones.

Razorscale One Shoted on the first try!

Our Ulduar group is progressing nicely with getting 5 bosses down on their first try, almost all of them being one shots. We have grown to a pretty healthy size and now have enough tanks to have 4 heroic farming groups going in a good night. We are still trying to balance raiding with casualness but I think we have found a happy medium.

Bluearcher has a KODO now, and we are all pretty jealous. That has to be one of the coolest mounts an alliance can have!


“The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humor, but without folly.”
-Jim Rohn

I think the biggest challenge a leader faces is, “Will things run just as smooth when I am not leading?” That has been my primary goal as a leader of the BoondockSaints. It takes real leadership to ask for help, delegate and recognize your shortcomings. I am lucky enough to have several people that step up when I am not there to lead a raid or to solve an issue.

The most important thing about making something work smoothly when you are not there, its to make sure that the group shares your vision. As a group of friends playing WoW our vision has been ever changing and right now it is going in various directions. People might think that the majority of the guild wanting to create horde characters to level was a challenge, but it has been nothing but fun. We were still able to run a raid the minute we wanted to do it, and it was just a matter of the people we needed switching to their alliance 80s. We raided a lot one week, then this week has been nothing but heroics and mount farming. I am sure next week it will be something else, but we all just pull together and do fun things in game.

I love the fact that we have done so much in such a short period of time. I could not do it without the support of my officers and the hard work they are putting into it all. I say 90% of us have bear mounts now, and a big group has the Timed CoS drake. So while being a leader is great, having good people around you to help you out makes it tons easier. I appreciate everyone, and lets keep on having fun!

Guild Meeting Notes

From our last Guild Meeting as typed by Moon :)

Guild Meeting Notes

Our guild had a great turn out for the guild meeting last week. We appreciate everyone that took the time to come to the meeting. Thank you for adding thought and ideas to better our guild and relationships.

We now have a face book group please join us if you can it is a great way to share info about guild, see everyone’s real face, post ideas, hints, tips, links to help every one and in game screen shots.

— Message Logtar (John Guzman) or Moondust (Ann Crouse Northrup) for an invite.

Last night we had our first Guild Help Day

We formed 2 raid groups

1 for high level miners
2 for high level herbalist.

We mined ore, gems, high level herbs , high level fish (fish feast) , skinned.
Farmed Regular TOC for epics disenchant for mats.

A couple people even used their honor points to buy the new high level gems for guild use.

We ended up with a bunch of soranite ore — for arrows, bullets, blacksmith,
Titanium prospected into gems, and titanium dust to use for jc patterns
Herbs used for potions
Skins used for Heavy borean Armor kits for guildies and to sell a few on AH for profit for the guild.
Fish used for fish feasts

Please share any ideas you have or thoughts about the Guild Help Day Event!

This will be a recurring event once a month for about an hour. Which is a pretty short amount of time to help give back to the guild for everyone’s benefit.

Guild Promotions

(Remember to be promoted you have to be at the Guild Meeting)

Sarimram (Sal) was promoted to Smecker after all of his work leading and helping other members in the guild

Thanks Sal – you have been a wonderful leader and helped sooo many people run raids as well as farm for mats, and help others level. Great job.


For all that they have done to help with the guild and they have blended In very nicely with our guild. We appreciate each of you and helping our guild to grow and work as a big family. – thank you

Gohd — thanks for being a nice new addition to our guild. We have enjoyed getting to know you and starting to run raids with you.

We had another very special Promotion last night after the Guild Help Day

Bluearcher — Blue joined us right as we formed the BoondockSaints.

Blue has helped with creating potions, helped farm for mats to dc and has always been very friendly and willing to run raids when we need dps or any other help. – Thanks Blue

In other Guild News!

We also started a New low level guild last night Strudelicious

This guild is simply a part of the bigger one so everyone is welcome to have a character in there. It was created because we have too many people wanting to contribute mats and we needed more bank space. Now we have room for our low level mats.
— Just ask in guild chat and we will get you invited.

***Remember we have a chat channel to use for our friends and especially when you are playing a character not in the main guild, like when you are playing your low levels, simply type /join saints

http://bds.logtar.com/ — please visit our guild website, and check out our new RAID SCHEDULE!

Thank you everyone for your time.

Logtar, Star and Moon

(typos by Moon)

Bear Brought To you By BoondockSaints

Achievements are a time sink that is lower in my list of priorities for WoW, which reminds me that I really need to go grind for some rep and get another flying mount. Achievements that give some kind of rewards are another story. I tried to put a raid together to go kill all the horde achievements, but more importantly that it grants you the reigns of [Reins of the Black War Bear].

The story begins a couple of weeks before. We’ve had a handful of guilds wanting to do run with us and had the chance to do Naxx 25 and OS 25 last week. Also some of them have been asking to merge, but we are not interested on dropping our name or having 1337 players that will tell our friends how much they need to improve. We have a couple of smaller guilds that are pretty much extended members and they provide us with whatever we need to fill groups. As far as mergers we were only interested on mature players that wanted to raid during the evenings and weekends. In our low population server this seemed almost impossible to accomplish, but we were not in a hurry. There was a guild that was recommended by one of our new members, so I started conversations with their GM two weeks ago. We set up events together to have most of them not available… they seemed interested but really could not seem make the effort. Most guilds seem to overstate their membership, and they told me they had 10 regular players but I never saw more than 5 online at once. I was not holding my breath, but it would have been very nice to fill the guild with players that would take us to being able to do a full 25 man with mostly BoondockSaints.

I have been leveling my priest. We really are goon on healers right now since our main healer is back from an extended vacation and we have added 4 new people that do an excellent job keeping our tanks alive. But I leveled Logtar extremely fast and did not get to enjoy the labor of love that is running things your level and working on your professions. I have been having fun healing BGs and old world dungeons with the priest.

This past weekend I had the best group in a long time. The pace was good, the people were funny and polite and we just had a blast in Sunken Temple. It made me remember the times when I grouped with Moon and Star back when we were all 40s. So after we finished the dungeons I asked if there was anyone over 20. Someone replied and told me they were over 30 but would not say how old. We stayed and chatted for a bit and what do you know… there was a small guild of people that were trying to do heroics, and they were all real life friends all over 30. Not just that, they were looking for a guild our size to come to. I did not get too excited, I discussed it with the officers as a just maybe type of deal. The following day some of them got to run with one of your heavy DPSers and we exchanged tells back and forth.

The next day I get a tell… hey, someone wants to ask you a couple of questions… I said sure. We chatted for a couple of minutes, and then, ok, we’re ready. We all want to come over… O.o

Seriously? Yeap, our guild merged just like that… the next day everyone was on vent and their personalities fit right in! So now with over 20 people on we said, hey lets do For The Alliance… and BAM, full raid in about 15 minutes.

We had attempted to kill Sylvanas Windrunner in The Undercity not too long ago, but we had maybe 15 people in the raid we knew and the 5 extra just did not push us over on DPS. We got her half way down and then THE HORDE showed up. I did not have high expectations because I have seen what happens when a horde town is attacked and how quickly they come and counter any attempt.

To my surprise though, the group did awesome and we not only pwned the Windrunner, we pwned the resistance that showed up at Undercity. We did so well that we headed to kill Lor’Themar Theron in Silvermoon City and got him even faster. People started talking about Ogrimar and my death alarm started going off, but I said what the heck… portals up, lets get it on.

This is when the heavy horde numbers started to show up, but we pushed through even as we got separated and had to do the fight with Warchief Thrall in Orgrimmar with almost half of the people from the raid on ghost form. This was at 9:00 P.M server time when most people in our server play. We struggled but we killed him… had a harder time getting out of Orgrimmar but prevailed. That is when we got a little too confident and when we showed up to kill Cairne Bloodhoof in Thunder Bluff we were outnumbered.

I was not sure about attempting to finish it the next day, but when we had almost 30 people in the guild on, and getting a couple of tells from the people that got on our raid the night before, I said sure. We slowly got a lock and a small group to the north of Thunderbluff, got everyone summoned and with only a handful of people besides the twenty some from our guild we killed eat more Tauren. We circled around and killed the Windrunner again since not everyone was on the night before, but were stomped in Orgrimar since we lacked the numbers we had the night before. Most people in our guild now have the Warbear, and now its just a matter of getting it for other alts. Its a neat achievement to complete because you truly need to be able to lead a raid of 40 which is like trying to get 40 monkeys to sit still.

That was tons of fun!
Ogrimar Down