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It started as simply a placeholder for the WoW content that I was creating but did not seem to get much consumption in my “other” blog. I have used it for guild info and history keeping in the past but recently it has taken more shape as a place for casual players to feel like they can ask anything they want (comments or e-mails are welcome logtar(at)gmail(dot)com.) @Logtar <- twitter Casuals seem to get the rep that they are not good players. That could not be further from the truth. So if you want to raid, but can't invest the time to be "hardcore" stick around! … the author

I play a computer geek in the server of real life, In WoW I play a protection warrior that tanked the Lichking , choggie, neferian and raggy but has also PvPed and DPSed as arms. Lately I am back to healing full time for our guild with my Priest. I also dabble on Bear and DK tanking… and fail miserably at trying to heal as a tree. I am married to a Warlock that still misses destro but is doing awesome with demo. They both recently moved from the server they were born.

As a casual raider I have both been a raid leader and a GM. When presented with the fork on the road between progression raiding and playing with friends I chose the later. I love to rescue the princess but don’t care if I do it with fireworks all around me and 300 skeletons trying to desecrate my armor. It has always been a lot more fun to hear the screams of my friends over vent when we get something down than the silence of perfect execution with other groups. That said I don’t stand on fire and know how to interrupt and we have managed to kill lots of dragons while they were still “relevant.”

I consider myself a true gamer, I started playing games on a PC back when multiple floppy disks had to be loaded just to run Tetris.

I graduated to playing RTSs mostly, love Age Of Empires and Warcraft II… which in turn created my first and only gaming handle LOGTAR!!!! I am failing at picking up SCII to the level I used to. Currently working on completing the game on the harder difficulty and get all those shinny achievements.

FPSs were harsh on my motion sickness for a while, but the UT2K4 graphics engine got lots better and I was able to start playing that. I also played CS:S and was even part of a clan. I still once in a while jump in a server and pwn noobs with my DEagle. XFire show that.

I also Xbox! … more personal information and rants are over at that “other” blog.

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