Master Looter vs Personal Loot

Before I get into the meat of the post let me make it clear that I am biased towards personal loot from the start. I will try to be impartial when discussing the topic but at the end of the day not having to hand out gear and make mistakes (we are after all humans.) makes things a lot simpler.

Lets get some facts out of the way.

Master Looter does mean that every boss will drop a certain number of items. 1 drop per 5 raiders (on our 20s, that means 4 drops per boss)

Master looter puts the randomness on what gear drops (we could get 4 plate belts)

Seals of faith (extra roll) works with either system.

Lets get some of the fluff stuff.

Personal loot can seem very *unlucky to some.

Master looter does have the feel of handing out presents (hey, at least someone got something for Christmas)

Master looter allows for funneling gear (we are doing normal, we are geared, lets gear player X) – can feel positive or negative.

Master looter WILL create loot drama. As much faith as I have on people passing on things, someone, somewher

Master looter can be a burden *keeping track of who is getting gear vs who is not.

Master looter /roll can give gear to those that might not be performing or participating often which might piss off those that show up every raid night.

So after reading all of this you might be questioning why on earth as a group we would use Master Looter instead of the easy Personal Loot system, and it is because most people have felt quite unlucky during our runs. Not sure if it is because we have been hovering between 15 and 25, but it has not seemed to us at least like we have been getting 3-5 drops per boss, not counting coins.

Most of the gear that I have personally has come via extra roll. Even with not garrison effort you can buy an extra roll every week for 500 gold. I am not saying this should be required, but your gear woes could be drastically lessened if you rolled more often. Or maybe not, some of the people that have felt short changed have been rolling extra on almost every boss.

So with all of that said I want to give Master Looter a chance going forward, but I want to make it democratic. I am leaning towards making it an vote right before we start a raid (or switch difficulties) and making it a majority rules type of situation. However, I do want to hear your thoughts. Some people are more vocal than others, so I don’t want to discuss this in the middle of a raid but let you guys have some time to think about it before next Tuesday.

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