6.0 Eve, will WoD see me play more?

Last week i decided that I still enjoy the game and even the impending changes to everything that is currently WoW will be for the better. This week felt pretty fantastic for me as both a player and a GM. We finished SoO months ago… too long ago really. Heroic did not feel compelling to enough people not to enjoy the summer so we took a good break. Last week we got the last guildie that wanted Ahead of the Curve and their nerd pony through SoO normal. I heal all the challenge modes on gold and Landi got all silver for her mount. Not that we had a big list but it was good to get that out of the way before 6.0 which actually drops tomorrow.

So what is actually happening? Here are some of the things that I think affect a guild of casual players.

So Guild levels are gone, most perks also go away, but we do get to keep mass res and remote guild bank.

SoO is going Flex for normal and heroic, Mythic will obviously be 20. So tonight is your last chance to do a 25 man… if you are going to miss that size at all. What is even better though is that looking for that elusive Heirloom weapon is going to be easier with a guaranteed first drop. (make sure you pick the right specialization)

There are going to be tons of class changes, however the big ones that affect all are that reforging, Hit, Expertise, Dodge, Parry, all gone from stats.

Our bank is going to get a little cleaner with now having the Toy box, reagent bank and additional void storage.

All your auctions are belong to us! well basically all AHs are being merged, Alliance, Horde and Neutral.

Today is the last day for you to complete Challenge Modes and get the current rewards as well as Ahead of the Curve for SoO.

There are many other changes coming with this patch and WoD, but those are probably the ones that will be at the top of our guildies list.