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Recently we had a handful of people come into the guild without me having a chance to interview them, while most of our rules and discussions happen in our facebook group now, there are still some people that don’t use Facebook. So to make sure that our rules are clearly stated and everyone has access to them I decided to post them here. I think it is also a good place for my blog friends and the community to see how we run things… also just the merely curious that might wonder here from our recruitment post.

Reloaded is a guild about mutual respect. We all have different goals in the game and there is room for all of us. Even though we are still a casual guild that raids, we do try to perform at a level where there is progression through normal mode into some heroics with a limited number or raid nights (2 atm).

As a guild we have some rules, and we are very welcoming but also strict about certain things. Certain things will get you a warning, but some will get you gkicked faster than you can type /gquit

– Our vent and gchat is a place where we keep it Disney until 10 PM, but even after it is not a place for sailor or trucker talk (and we have both of those in the guild).
– No Race – Religion – Sexual orientation slurs will be tolerated. Remember Mutual respect.
– Do not wear our guild tag if you want to troll trade or public channels. If you want to take on the world and prove them wrong don’t do it with our tag on.
– Do not offer your advice on how to play a class unless the person asked for it.
– Keep posting damage meters and healing meter to something actually amusing or interesting, not to be boastful about your performance.
– Finally the R rule. We don’t use the word Rape to mean we killed bosses or the boss killed us. We also don’t use the word Retarded, find a better way to convey your message.*1

Our current raid schedule is 2 days a week during the week Tuesday and Thursday starting at 8 Sharp. Please be online 5-10 minutes before start raid time, repaired, enchanted and consumables picked up.


Why Reloaded?
Because The Matrix was a great movie, and well it fits with the computer geek thing. Your GM being one of those.

How does the Guild Bank Work?
We work in an honor system. Put in as much or more of what you take out. If its something that is highly valued put at least half of the AH gold price in the gbank. You can also always donate raw mats as payment.IE, take cut gems but place either uncut or ore to prospect.

How am I expected to act?
Keep it Disney on Gchat and Vent(See Rules above). Buff people out in the world, be polite in dungeons. Our guild wants to be known as nice people to run with. Sure some might be amazing players, but even if we are not topping the meters we always want to leave a group saying we were good people to run with.

Who are the officers?
We operate without officers. If you need something out of the gbank ask anyone with a higher rank. If you have an issue with another player, try to solve it via whispers. If you need something beyond that, in game mail Logtar.

How do I get promoted?
Our ranks revolve more around guild bank access than anything else. If you want to be at a rank that can access more stuff we ask you to do more things like, craft for the guild, keep the bank tabs clean, etc. Most of the people that you see in the higher ranks have been in our guild for over 4 years and do lots of behind the scene stuff for the guild.

And what about my raid spot?
We are pretty relaxed when it comes to raiding. Talk to Logtar and he will answer all the questions you might have about wanting to raid.

When leaving Reloaded
We understand we might not be everyone’s speed or type of group. We only ask that you let any of the long standing members to know you are leaving and why. We do not promote guild hopping or want to be a placeholder for alts either. Let us know what we can do better. If you ragequit or gquit without letting someone know, don’t expect to be invited back.

Be polite, be mature, participate, be helpful and always constructive and you will have lots of fun.

*This rule is not up for discussion, if you are a person that think it is “retarded” to police people’s speech you are obviously not the kind of person that we want to associate with. This simple rule seems to keep “That guy” out of our guild. It works for us, so either follow the rule or don’t join.

One thought on “Guild Rules – Reloaded

  1. I am in the US Navy and currently deployed. I will be back in the US in October. I am a current member of Abyss, but I dont have a steady raid spot due to the fact that i was deploying. My main is a Hunter named Gatheron, but I play about every other character. I know your not looking for AGI class so I would like to know if your looking for a warrior DPS (My 2nd best class), or even a Shaman.
    I have been playing WOW since it started, My 1st realm was Twisting Nether. I played and raided for years in the guild Rooks, I am still a member there. Raided consistently thru WOLK, then I went to sea duty and was deployable. Our core 10 man shifted over to Whisperwind about 1.5 years ago and I still own the guild there on Whisperwind. Most of the players stopped playing so it was just me. I also have a lvl 22 horde guild on a different server as well. I sent my main and a few other toons to Abyss where I raided for a bit before SOO.

    I am basically looking for a steady spot to raid. I always show up early and I will always have all my own mats, pots etc. I will also play whatever class you would like me to. I will be upfront and say I am not good a tanking or healing. I have never really played or tried any of those specs.

    Well I look forward to hearing from you.


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