Is WoW even fun anymore?

Yes I am one of those people that is playing Heartstone and loving it. But this blog is about WoW so lets get to it. Is WoW fun to play anymore?

I completely despise many aspects of the game now, from anything that makes me grind to anything that wants me to group with random people. A game that used to be social has become one of the most antisocial games that wears the MMO tag. Grouping with people lately has made me remember why stopped playing FPS, the constant trolling and racist language seems to have come to WoW groups and it is starting to basically make it unbearable to do the things that I loved to do in game. It is not only toxic players though, it is also the game itself that really unveiled the mouse wheel it turned into. Features like challenge modes, proving grounds, connected realms and flex raiding almost feel a little too late.

I have chronicled here the demise of our playing group. We used to have blast during Wrath and then cataclysm showed up and broke up our play style. We used to be very happy to grind dungeons together for alts but the comeback of difficult dungeons made it so you would only go to heroic dungeons with certain people or pug it for the “luck of the draw” buff. You had to basically stop playing with your friends because they could not be “carried” through standing on poison from a snake. We used to love tearing up a dungeon even if the person behind was just the one picking up loot and getting their new shinnies. Challenge modes would have been great to have back then so that heroics could have remained a true group activity and not the time consuming sink it became.

Remember proving grounds did not exist there, so if you did not have an activity where you could take players just relearning their class (which seem to happen after every patch) they felt left behind. We cannot take someone not producing to a heroic dungeon while they learn their new rotation anymore, don’t even ask about raiding.

Connected realms did not exist so the separation of playing capabilities along with the migration to higher populated realms meant that eventually we made the same move and left our original sever behind for greener pastures. A great move I have to add because playing in a dead server can be soul crushing.

The during Cata LFR was introduced and probably did the most damage to the community by allowing everyone to raid without commitment and plenty of anonymity. Stressing the speed run mentality even more nobody had time to explain a fight, worse nobody would take the time to talk through someone’s rotation anymore (go check out X website is as far as anyone went anymore… me included).

I was not one of the people that felt that I had nothing to do in Cata, in fact I had plenty to do running LFR on multiple toons and loved the expansion towards the end. Hated firelands for many reasons but loved DS.

Flex raiding did not exist so only those good enough to raid got the chance to and everyone else was pushed to do LFR. This holds true until today, we don’t have alt raids anymore everyone that does not make normal or flex night goes straight for LFR.

I know that the dailies in MoP did a lot of damage to the game and Blizzard really burned people out (at least 3 of our long time raiders up and quit the game because of it.) but the amount of trash in raids also made it so. I see no reason to have as much trash as there is in raids today other that to artificially slow down your progress. We are advancing in the raids but not because we are becoming better and better at earlier boss and getting more gear but because we are saving lockouts. A raid now had to be split into night and being able to raid once a week and progress is unrealistic for a group not pushing heroic content. There is no way to really do speed runs to gear alts or people coming back into the game… remember it is not just about gear either but giving them a chance to test their skills again in a more realistic environment than LFR. I would love to have a ToT night to gear people or just for fun, but the amount of trash in that place makes it really not time effective. Instead we push people to “repair bill island” to get their catch up gear.

Then it hit me this week. I have heard about it before from others and articles I have read, but it really hit me. WoW is just not a friendly game for newcomers anymore. I saw it myself in a lower level BG. No explanation of anything only *expletives* and insults with zero direction. Anyone coming into the game now and doing a group activity would see just people being horrible to each other instantly. To me that is not much fun. I am not going to make excuses for blizzard anymore on this one… while the community as a whole could help with this we don’t have the tools to remove the toxic players from the game or mute them permanently not just with an ignore feature but with a “flag as unfriendly or toxic”

I hope that connected realms as it is being rolled out helps with some of this and makes community a thing in WoW again, because just like the low pop realm I left was basically ruined by the toxic people it seems the game as a whole is being invaded by d-bags. And that my friends makes the game simply not fun anymore.

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  1. I think you are right – new people find it very difficult to get into the game because of all the toxic people out there. I don’t know if the connected reasons, flex raids, and other fun group things is too late… it is for some but it might be just in time for others.

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