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A while back I wrote a post called “The Raider Code.” Back when I wrote that post LFR was not what it is today and we did not know how much it would change the game. My wipe threshold used to be in the 100s because I used to not mind at all teaching the fights to other people. Today raiding is a different game. Nobody has the patience to learn a fight anymore. There is a video of it, there is LFR, there is just one wipe. There is no wipe Threshold, bosses should just be dropping at the sheer size of our purples. I see people geared better than me under performing all the time, and I asked myself why is the gap so big? I think the answer is LFR.

Cataclysm started to create the division between people that enjoyed learning mechanics to kill bosses and people that would just rather not die even once. You can be very good at WoW, good at questing, good at gathering, good at the auction house; but just like with any other skill practice is what will make you good at those things. I like raiding, I have done it since late BC and had plenty of chances to die because of mechanics. However, the learning curve was different for me than someone that started raiding in this expansion. I have died to mechanics over and over before, so I know that standing on something that makes me lose health will kill me. I have done content when even a couple of second of standing on something or not reacting to means everyone dies. Those mechanics are things I do without even thinking now, but not everyone has had the same number of wipes I have. Another factor is computing power. I was reminded of this not too long ago when I had to play WoW on a 2 year old laptop. The game has changed so much in this last couple of years that it almost feels unplayable. I say almost because even though I would not dare to raid on a slow connection I was able to complete an LFR. That is where my issue comes with the game today, LFR is killing the game for me.

I used to be content doing normal modes most of the time and heroics when I could get a group going that wanted to wipe a little more. Today, that same group can only do normals. Its weird but content has become so challenging that to have progression rate of any kind the mechanics have to be super complex on the surface. I would not say challenging because in reality none of what we see today in LFR or normals is really challenging with a group of seasoned raiders, however to think that someone that has been only raiding LFR can do normals is unrealistic.

A lot of people that used to play before are now content only seeing bosses via LFR. That alone poaches the numbers of normal raiders everywhere. After a couple of weeks of clearing an instance or completing the part of the legendary quest they need there is really no incentive to keep playing. Better gear with a little more stats is not enough. Being able to upgrade that gear with valor is not enough. There is really no intensive for someone to wipe 100 times trying to do a boss in normal if they can just go to LFR and LOL 6 Deternimation stacks DERP!

Raiding used to be an exercise in learning mechanics at a certain pace. Some guild could do 30 pulls in one night, others only 10… now most groups are tired after just a handful. Why would you want to have a repair bill if you can just do LFR? It really makes no sense to wipe over and over for just a little more item levels and stats. I really can’t argue with that point and sometimes I question my sanity for trying to still raid normals.

I am curious though, and the reason for this post is kind of to find out within the player base we have in our guild, what kind of players do we have today?

Making LFR harder or normals easier won’t solve the problem either. I know LFR itself is making me want to stop playing WoW because of the toxic behavior that almost every group has. A tool like LFR should have a ranking system that will allow you to rate other players… then again, they would never do that in WoW.

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  1. First off, how things? Been a while since we talked.

    Secondly. I am right there with you. We are having a hell of a time picking up new players. Even when we test them out and they make a mistake they have that “it doesn’t kill me in the LFR you are just bad” attitude.

    Like on the first boss with a new healer last night. Gets the ball and promptly kills everyone with it. Wipe. Then again, and again, and again. Jesus, just please give us one attempt where it does not target her because she just does not get it. She is wondering why it is killing us because it does not kill us in the LFR. I nicely explain each attempt, not calling her a baddie, teaching her, like more people should try to do. The other new tester player gives up after the 4th time she wipes us and we replace him.

    We finally get an attempt where it doesn’t target her, we kill it because she did not have a chance to wipe us again. I don’t think we wiped that much on the first boss since before we downed him for the first time.

    It shows the LFR effect.

    There is the guy that could not stand wiping on a super easy boss, when any real raider knows that is going to happen when you are training new people.

    There is the new person that just can not get the idea that some things that do not kill you in LFR are the main mechanic that will keep wiping you in normal if not handled correctly.

    Good thing everyone else was fine or we would have never even downed the first boss. I did call it a night early after that however. There was no way in hell I was going to horridon with that healer. They would find a way to kill us.

    And there you go, the third effect of the LFR. This is a two part effect.

    Part 1: Me not having the desire to teach as much as I used to. It is not that I do not want to teach people but it is that I do not want to have to unteach someone the LFR way so I can teach them the real way.

    Part 2: As an actual raider I look to the LFR to learn. Learning there I already know the fight and know the changes that come when you come to normal. So I expect everyone to be on the same page and they are not which in turn makes it a lot more frustrating.

    Perhaps if it were with a group like me, that uses the LFR to learn, that knows the real strat and works on doing the majority of their learning in the LFR, then it would not be a problem.

    Then there is that toxic community you mention. It is really the worst.

    However, I do disagree with your end statement. I do think that making the LFR easier will help. It would lower the amount of comments from the toxic community. It would still allow me to practice, and it won’t change the people that don’t at all, they will still be bad and in need of getting better. So easier would be good. Leave normals as is. But even at that, the player base for normals is dwindling faster and faster and I do not see a way to save it.

    The day of raiders like you and I are over my friend. There is no such thing as a “good” raider any more. The type that just does normals and dabbles in a few heroics here and there. The majority of what the raiding player base has been for a long time. There is no place for us any more. You are either great and hardcore or you are in the LFR. Right now, we are just the LFR heroes. The ones that go in there and look like we are gods when in truth, we are just average and everyone should be capable of doing what we do.

    Normal mode raiding is dead.

  2. And Blizzard decides to send us this curve ball… we might have to talk about this topic some more 🙂

  3. Those days are not gone, those people who like to raid still exist. I am not a heroic raider, and the days that I did do heroic raiding was brief and in Cataclysm. I have to admit I haven’t found a lot of those people in normal raids because my normal raid group has stayed very similar, and some new raiders I picked up are raiders from a while back trying to get back in again. TGE’s story was amusing – old news now (though new to me!), but I hope that you find some more raiders of the quality – no, attitude – you were seeking.

  4. We have been really lucky in the raiding front. We have a nice group of people that we enjoy raiding with right now, however it is a numbers game and normal raiding requires 10 people. We have about 12 raiders at normal level and about 20 that do Flex… but not 20 people that can do normal. It has been an interesting thing to balance but we seem to be doing ok. Raiding is kind of fun right now but only with people you know.

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