Getting Stuck Again

Cata was a horrible expansion. I could spend the whole post just letting you know how much I hated it for various reasons… but it would be a short sighted. Cata was a growing pain that the game had to go through to put in new systems that will take it to the next level. It is amazing that Blizzard can do as much as they do with such a small group of people. Today the pre-expansion pack is hitting and I could not be more excited about it.

I have been playing on the horde side on a server that is like nothing I have ever experienced before. It is small but its nice. People are polite, it almost feels like one big guild. Very impressed with Baelgun. The only problem is that I am still not used to being horde and I love my alliance toons. I also have a guild to run in Whisperwind… and we are recruiting all people!

Things got really quite after our rogue completed his Fangs of the Father. I need to get better at predicting what milestones are coming to make sure another carrot is waiting. We went from a barely able to clear current content group of people to a heroic capable bunch. Not quite able to complete it yet, but close, very close.

I had a lot of decisions to make this time around. From a close guild to us wanting us to merge and form a 25 man progression guild, to just hanging back and becoming an LFR only type of player. Lets not forget to mention PvP which I still plan to do quite a bit of. I decided that our identity as a guild is something that people love and want to continue to be a part of. I am still getting used to the whole Benevolent Dictator type of GM I have become.

I am thinking of switching gears again and concentrating on mounts this expansion. Meaning completing the raiding metas for the current tier as our goal. Maybe even going one goal is a new boss, the next is the meta for another we have on farm. I really enjoy keeping people motivated and things going.

I am also going to have to make some hard decisions about performance when it comes to raiding. I keep on having to fill roles that I don’t want to play because nobody else does. I really need to make sure that this expansion I get people to stick to a toon as a priority, including myself. We need to push, we should have alt raids, but our mains need to be our mains and it needs to be an agreed upon endeavor.

The biggest pitfalls to our raiding last time around was gearing too many alts. We did so because we wanted the flexibility to bring alts in to replace people… in the end it ended up being that once someone stopped playing or rage quit a raid we were left with not just one hole but two big ones.

So as we start this new expansion and look forward to see who will be the ultimate monk, we will concentrate on raiding and achievements. I think it will be fun. I also think that going back and getting the past titles and achievements will have its place. I like being able to have our non raiders taste the cool-aid. This time around though, I am not going to make anyone drink it and they will have to bring their own glass!