Killing Noob Edubication

“If anything can go wrong, it will.”
-Murphy <- Got to love that dude ... but really it was not him, it was This dude…

So one of my busiest week in recent history is the week that my shared topic gets featured in BlogAzeroth. Go Figure.

So Navimie gently cattle-prodded me into posting something… and since I am late to the party I get to talk about it from a different point of view.

Martha, as always is keeping a too tally of what is going on. So a quick read on her post will catch you up about what is being said. If you have not visited that blog don’t just go to one post, get lost! it has many different topics and one you will sure enjoy exploring.

Before we get into the meat of the post, I don’t miss the days of having to ask people to join you via trade chat if you were missing someone. Most of the knowledge I gathered about the game was done via research because a lot of people would oversimplify things. I became a tank because it was supposed to be easy and a two button rotation. I guess some people really think that about tanking… but it was not that simple. I was also blessed with a group of healers that were not just patient while I was learning but also willing to travel to a meeting stone. Getting DPS at that point was a lot easier and more often that not I got used to having everything we need from group creation in a guild. Those days I never really pugged.

Even though the guild I was in those days fancied themselves raiders, they were pretty much Kara raiders during most of BC. Visiting other places had to be done with pugs. Most guilds had set tanks so I spent more time in dungeons than in raids in the BC days. Those days were never about pushing progression and when I did get to see or participate on anything requiring it… well it left a very bad taste in my mouth.

During wrath I had a way better experience in pugs. Naxx, Ulduar and ToC allowed me to pug as one toon and bring the knowledge back to our guild. So as long as I stayed a little ahead with pugs, it was easy to then get our guild through it. That is kind of how I started leading raids I guess.

So the community really helped at that point because it was almost like my LFR. Going with people that were ahead of me, but where I was still able to help them advance.

I also like to think that we came of age as a group of casual raiders during ICC. Entering Cata we had a better understanding of raiding and now our alt runs is where people that were a little behind us get a chance to see things. That progression worked well from a community stand point and for our guild.

So for me raid leading knowledge was really gathered from being part of raids. LFR totally does away with that because there is really no raid leading in LFR… trust me, I have tried and before I even type (we are short 3 healers, someone always pulls.)

It scares me to think that LFR will kill the creation of new raid leaders. It is a job at times thankless but a very exciting and rewarding one when it goes well. I know plenty of people don’t want that job, but maybe LFR will totally let someone bypass something that they might truly enjoy.

Lets hope that LFR is not the end of most people’s raid experience and it actually brings more people into trying and savoring new end game content.

4 thoughts on “Killing Noob Edubication

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  2. I think if you go to early LFR you’ll find that there is more leading, well I’m hoping so. I think as it gets later in the expansion people get a bit more blase and think everyone knows all the fights. I’m glad to see that the gentle prodding worked. Got you posting pretty quick :)

  3. I don’t count LFR and LFD as community. They might as well be NPCs helping you out, and many people will hopefully come to the same conclusion after doing LFR. they might struggle through it and think: now imagine doing that with people that actually know what to do, being lead over voicechat!

    The real community (guilds, and servers to a lesser extent) will keep training itself.
    From being an officer for over three years in the same guild, I’ve seen plenty of raid leaders appear. They mostly stand out from the regular member base because they research more than your average member. Perhaps they have their own unique way of explaining things.

    I don’t have experience in raid leading, but i did pass on The Way of the Tank back in TBC to some of our best tanks today.

  4. You got randomed for the week as well Logtar :) You should get a popular award!!

    I know Blizz are saying that raiding numbers have increased since LFR, and I think that is great, but I also wonder how many people it turns away given there seems to be complete chaos in some runs.

    I only run it weekly on 3 different toons, so I can’t speak for some who run it on more than me, but I see enough to know that it would scare me senseless if I was a first timer or still unsure of myself in a raiding environment.

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