P.U.G. Code of Conduct

After doing a quick search on the topic and not finding anything I decided to put one together… mostly because it has become more and more irritating to do pugs lately.

A PUG (Pick Up Group) in WoW is a term commonly used to refer to a stranger that just joined you via the LFD (Looking for Dungeon) tool. As such we assume that the Pugs are people that we will most likely not interact with again (unless they are from our server… which I see once in a while but not very often.)

The following are a set of rules that if followed could lead to a more enjoyable experience to all involved.

Don’t Que for stuff you are not ready for
Seriously, don’t do it. If you are going to under-perform with strangers they will have a right to call you out. There is nothing more irritating that someone bypassing the gear requirements with PvP gear and under-performing. Stay in regular dungeons a little longer, practice with your guildies. Overall don’t expect people to carry you through content. Most people would be patient until they have to pay for repairs.

Before you Que up
While you might be fishing or questing while you wait, please be mindful of other players time. If you need to go to the bahtroom, get a drink, check on your children, etc, etc, do it before joining a que. While I do understand that DPS que’s can be horribly long, don’t wait until you get the que to pop up to go do what you have been neglecting. Some people abuse the fact that they cannot be kicked from the group for a period of time to let the group kill all the trash up to the first boss while they are AFK.

The 5 Second Rule
Never judge a book by its cover. The first 5 seconds of a pug are crucial. Say hello, let the group know if you are switching specs and gear if you are (some people que up as 2 different roles). I have seen the trend more and more lately when people just check for health and mana pools or gear and instantly leave the group.

BRB – Bio – AFK – Phone
If you are going to be away from the game for more than 60 seconds, the ones listed above are not appropriate. I have had everything under the sun happen in pugs… even a couple that kept on stringin the group along while the other one would go AFK and put the toon on follow. Who knows, maybe it was someone multiboxing and pretending to be 2 people. Bottom line is that if you are going to be away for an extended period of time, just leave the group. Don’t wait to see if people kick you.

Don’t be a Ninja
I don’t believe on having to always greed anymore. All I think is fair is that if you are going to need on everything that drops in the run, be up front about it so others can too. While you might get that item by being a Ninja (a late roller that waits for greeds and then hits need), it will most likely get you kicked out of the group. Be up front, write a macro and people will appreciate your honestly.

Unwanted Advise
You might play all classes at top of the world raider level, but unless asked, don’t give advise on how to play someone else’s toon. You can whisper someone once, but if they don’t want the advise, don’t press it. If you really want to help, keep your comments to yourself. A Pug is not the place to give someone a class on how to do X or Y. It has to be something that everyone else agrees on, or you will have an unhappy group.

So… what about you guys, what other rules should I add?

From Grumpy

Speak up
It is better to ask about a fight that you have never done before the fight then to say you didn’t know after you caused a wipe. Myself, and many like me, would gladly explain everything you need to know but don’t take kindly to our time being wasted. It is not a waste of time to explain the fight but it is a waste of time to wipe because you did not tell people you have never done it before.
Beware: There are some jerks that will kick you because you do not know a fight but be sure of the fact that they are, excuse the language, low life scum. You are better off not playing with someone like that anyway.

Be Decent
Take some time to at least have a basic knowledge of your class. Someone doing 8K that looks like they are trying is better then someone doing 8K that doesn’t look like they are even trying. Good players can tell the difference. You do not need to be a great player, but at least try your best.

Be Nice
Say hello at the start, say thanks for the run at the end. If you feel so inclined you might even add a have a nice day as well before you leave. As small as those things are it is a proven fact that good vibes (as well as bad ones) are contagious. If you are nice to other people even in passing they will be more likely to be nice to others themselves and the community needs more people like that.

Killing Noob Edubication

“If anything can go wrong, it will.”
-Murphy <- Got to love that dude ... but really it was not him, it was This dude…

So one of my busiest week in recent history is the week that my shared topic gets featured in BlogAzeroth. Go Figure.

So Navimie gently cattle-prodded me into posting something… and since I am late to the party I get to talk about it from a different point of view.

Martha, as always is keeping a too tally of what is going on. So a quick read on her post will catch you up about what is being said. If you have not visited that blog don’t just go to one post, get lost! it has many different topics and one you will sure enjoy exploring.

Before we get into the meat of the post, I don’t miss the days of having to ask people to join you via trade chat if you were missing someone. Most of the knowledge I gathered about the game was done via research because a lot of people would oversimplify things. I became a tank because it was supposed to be easy and a two button rotation. I guess some people really think that about tanking… but it was not that simple. I was also blessed with a group of healers that were not just patient while I was learning but also willing to travel to a meeting stone. Getting DPS at that point was a lot easier and more often that not I got used to having everything we need from group creation in a guild. Those days I never really pugged.

Even though the guild I was in those days fancied themselves raiders, they were pretty much Kara raiders during most of BC. Visiting other places had to be done with pugs. Most guilds had set tanks so I spent more time in dungeons than in raids in the BC days. Those days were never about pushing progression and when I did get to see or participate on anything requiring it… well it left a very bad taste in my mouth.

During wrath I had a way better experience in pugs. Naxx, Ulduar and ToC allowed me to pug as one toon and bring the knowledge back to our guild. So as long as I stayed a little ahead with pugs, it was easy to then get our guild through it. That is kind of how I started leading raids I guess.

So the community really helped at that point because it was almost like my LFR. Going with people that were ahead of me, but where I was still able to help them advance.

I also like to think that we came of age as a group of casual raiders during ICC. Entering Cata we had a better understanding of raiding and now our alt runs is where people that were a little behind us get a chance to see things. That progression worked well from a community stand point and for our guild.

So for me raid leading knowledge was really gathered from being part of raids. LFR totally does away with that because there is really no raid leading in LFR… trust me, I have tried and before I even type (we are short 3 healers, someone always pulls.)

It scares me to think that LFR will kill the creation of new raid leaders. It is a job at times thankless but a very exciting and rewarding one when it goes well. I know plenty of people don’t want that job, but maybe LFR will totally let someone bypass something that they might truly enjoy.

Lets hope that LFR is not the end of most people’s raid experience and it actually brings more people into trying and savoring new end game content.

I called Garrosh!

Yeap, I cannot remember where but I know I mentioned that I wanted to kill him. Apparently Blizzard listened and he will be a baddie that I get to kill… Can we say Legendary?

Having killed Deahtwing and working on Legendaries has made raiding less of a focus and given room to alts for my guildies and PvP for me. I still suck a PvP but I have been fun with my tank build and being a flag carrier. 2s and 3s are still about 50/50 depending on the composition.

In the coming weeks we are going to continue to farm DS regular to complete our Legendaries and probably introduce a lot more fun runs like we have been having going through previous tiers. There are still more achievements that we need to get.

Dig the Female panderian and all the scenery I have seen leaked. I am very excited about everything I am hearing so far. It looks like tons of fun are coming and probably sooner rather than later. Diablo 3 its not just soon anymore but May 15!

This will be a great gaming year!