Profanity and PvP

I learned a lot of my spoken English from Beavis and Butthead. It was an easy show to understand for someone that did not know English. Not a lot of words, very repetitive. So bun-hole is not something new to my vocabulary.

Our vent (voice chat communication program) is pretty tame. There are a couple of people that will swear here and there for the “shock” value of a swear word here and there. I personally don’t like it because there are kids around the vent sometimes that could directly or indirectly hear the language. I am more comfortable with innuendos and humor than straight F-bombs non-stop.

PvP is full of profanities. While some people think that LFR is trolls R US, it really does not hold a candle to a WSG where you are already 2 caps behind. That does not even account for the people that are not typing their discontent. The people in vent that got killed by the same rogue, yet again will eventually deal with their anger somehow.

I completely understand the need to vent some frustration when something is really going south. I just don’t see the need to share a stream of profanity with others.

I know for our raid nights, plenty of people have strong words after a bad wipe. It is normal practice not to ever push the button. With PvP it seems that the opposite happens and the expletives drown the person calling out things. Running a BG is harder and more chaotic than a raid, but somehow people feel that they have to announcer that the f*%$^$%^ rogue killed me again.

One of my biggest pet peeves as a RL is when someone announces they died. I can see you died, the healers can see you died and the DPS will eventually see if you are a DPS yourself. It seems, at least right now that we are not used to doing BGs because the chatter is all over the place.

It might be a growing pain of getting into a new thing, but my fear is that PvP and profanity go hand in hand. I am not ok with that though.

I think a lot of our members right now see PvP as a “fun” activity, but we have a new person that wants to get us to the next level of PvP and I want them to be able to do that. Some of it will come with credibility and when we are geared and actually doing it, but I think some of it is tone as well.

So the question goes out to those people that PvP. Is profanity just a normal thing in PvP? do rated BG voice chats are just like FPS voice channels?

4 thoughts on “Profanity and PvP

  1. It’s a lot more common in PvP because of the nature of the beast. It isn’t just that someone failed to get out of the bad for the 3rd time in a row because they’re clueless, it’s that *that rogue* specifically hunted you down and killed you again. It isn’t just that you failed in doing something, it’s personal because he came and attacked you in particular.

    When you fail repeatedly because the environment is hard for you to react to, the failure is all internal, because you know you should have done something differently (unless your tank/healer sucks which shouldn’t be the case in a raiding guild). In PvP though there are times that you literally have a 0% chance of success because they’re all targeting you regardless of the situation. It’s more frustrating and by no means “fair” because your opponents can single out whoever they want and no matter how good or bad you are doing your job, if they want you to die then you’re going to die.

    So in general, it’s more frustrating because things are completely out of your control and unfair in a lot of situations, and higher frustration leads to more frequent venting.

    Personally, PvP is about the only thing in-game that pushing me to swearing. If we’re raiding and we’ve wiped over and over because people can’t grasp the same mechanic over and over then after 4-5 wipes then I might be tempted to let one slip, but in PvP that frustration level is so much higher just in general sometimes that I lose control and just start flinging words about.

    That being said, that’s for me to vent to myself, it’s not something I share over vent. In my opinion, the default setting for all people on vent (save leaders who need to call things out on the fly) should be push-to-talk across the board. If someone needs to vent their frustration on vent then they should do it in another channel. If they’re doing it in a helpful manner, “the !#%@ rogue just killed me in the flag room AGAIN” then it’s not quite as bad because at least we know where the Rogue is and that he’s a threat that should be removed, but unless your death is crucial to performance then it doesn’t need to be said in open vent while other things are going on. You died? Big freaking deal, it’s PvP!

    So, is it a normal thing in PvP? Yeah, it’s pretty normal. I’d say it’s definitely more common than in PvE. Setting ground rules for vent usage can help alleviate some of the issue, but there will still be some people who feel like they absolutely have to share their frustrations with other people *RIGHT NOW!* and there’s nothing you can really do about them.

  2. Your blog is wonderful, and rest assured, I seldom if ever correct mistakes on my own or anyone else’s. I am, however, interested in making sure one knows proper cuss-words, in any language. The term is “bunghole.” It actually means the hole in a keg or barrel where the liquid goes in or out. I have watched hours of B&B, and could write an entire thesis on their shenanigans. When Beavis does indeed, require “TP for his bunghole,” we are all very concerned. Cornholio, a masterful study in ADHD scenarios.
    Love your blog, and cheers!

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