Rewarding Bad Play

If you don’t already read Grumpy, do so! its like having a conversation with someone. He posted about something I have been suspecting myself. That the LFR loot system seems to somehow give loot to the player trying the least (or not knowing how to play their class). While this is speculation bordering on conspiracy theory, I have seen it more than once.

When I first started to get into LFR with my toons, I was on the low side of the totem pole. I had no heroic gear on any of my toons and only my priest had a four piece from Firelands. Those first couple of weeks I got a lot of drops because most of the time my numbers were bellow those epic filled people.

Now every time I go into the LFR even with guildies we top the charts. I assume that most people running regular or heroic DS don’t run LFR anymore (or as much.) We seem to not get look anymore, even though we are missing either 1/2 pieces or basically just valor capping.

I am all for accessibility in a game, but I am not ok with rewarding people that don’t even try.

Now that is extremely subjective. To me someone that does not try is someone that is doing less than 10K DPS… but to someone else that might be someone that is not fully gemmed and enchanted.

I guess this is giving me a new perspective on what it means for others to reward bad play.

As much as I want to seem like a fair person, I fall to the trap that makes me look at my accomplishments and say… why isn’t everyone else here?

I know the resources are there, noxxic alone has simplified having to look at various blogs for the cookie cutters specs. One place has all the answers. But some people don’t even know how to search the internet.

We all know google exists, but knowing what to put on that search box is very important. Knowing how to ask a question gets you half way to solving the problem.

A string of (“Why does my DPS suck”) will not send you to the right spec for your class. Someone with a little more experience than me might know to look for (“Arms warrior 4.3 stance dancing.”) I know some people just went… WHAT?

Exactly. Some people know, some people have just never been told.

While I do think that blizzard does need to punish people not trying at all (they should be able to determine just someone auto attacking and going AFK), there should be a system in place where people that are getting into the LFR can go and ask questions of other players. Almost like in game mentors.

I know guilds provide that, but what if we could have a different color of text under our name if we are willing to give tips and guidance to someone.

Sure, the problem of rewarding bad play is still there and should be corrected. I think that what is important is to help the people that need the help and weed out those that just want to cheat the system.

One thought on “Rewarding Bad Play

  1. This is one of the reasons I shy away from LFR. I’m always worried that my dps isn’t high enough in that I will be carried. And I hate being carried.

    I’ve pugged plenty of heroics with a toon in LFR gear, and they play their class terrible. I always wondered how they managed to get great gear and still suck. Now I know!

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