Reloaded is Recruiting

<Reloaded> is a casual guild that raids 10-man content. Our main raid team works on current content on Tuesday and Wednesday starting at 8:30 CST. We are looking to start our second team, and also have enough to run T11 and T12 25 mans. We love collecting pretty drakes and achievements.

We have a group of capable players and a friendly atmosphere. Most of us are adults with full- time jobs and we raid with our spouses, so couples are welcome as long as there is flexibility when only one of you is needed. Our goal is to rescue the princess while the content is relevant, but people, real life and relationships mean more than us than loot. While we want you to be able to perform as a raider, it is more important to us that you are a nice person.

We will love some tanks and healers, but all classes are welcome. We like our tanks and healers to love those jobs. It is our experience that when someone is pushed to do something they don’t enjoy, they will not take it as seriously or excel at it. Even if you are just starting out on those roles, we will help you take it to the next level!

Apart from being competent at playing your main spec, we expect the following of all members:

– You keep up with your class changes and see them as a challenge, not a reason to gripe.
– While we encourage alts, you should keep your main raid-ready and make that character your priority.
– Always be willing to look up fights or alternative strats prior to the raid time.
– Always show up repaired, enchanted and gemmed.
– Value people over gear. If you are looking to just gear up to start hardmodes with another guild, this is not the place for you.

What we provide

– Level 25 guild with repairs for all our members.
– Consumables for raids including flasks and feasts.
– Enchants and gems at no cost to our guild members with materials
(sometimes provided if available.) We already have 2/3 of the epic gem
– A relaxed raiding atmosphere where we help each other and you will be treated like an adult.
– Frotobaggins always looking to raid every single minute he is online. If you love to raid any type of content he will go with you!

A little about us

is a casual guild in Whisperwind-US (PvE, CST). We recently opened our doors in Whisperwind, but the guild is level 25 and some of us have played together for over 3 years. We like to do old content and help each other get achievements. We like to see content and take raiding seriously, but don’t want to be server first or care if our gear is heroic. We see gear as a tool, not as a goal. Most of us are adults and our median age is 30, but we have people from their mid 20s to 50s in our ranks. We are starting Dragon Soul, but will still like to go to Firelands and complete achievements and hard-modes,
we are looking forward to completing a couple of legendaries for our warlock and mage.

We are a no-drama clique and we want you to become a part of it. We value the social aspect of WoW and like to have a sense of community. We are looking for long-term members who will stick around and continue to
make our guild great to be a part of. We know each other outside the game, and had a chance to meet each other at Blizzcon.

The values our guild adheres to are simple:

Respect “To each other, our server and the WoW community”
Integrity “we do what we say, and do what is right”
Openness “Zero drama and gossip, you have an issue discuss it and move on”
Teamwork “We kill bosses together, but also wipe together”

If you like what you have read here and are thinking of applying or you have further questions, contact Logtar in game (alts: Hollogos – Gatoso). Add me to your real ID (logtar at gmail dot com)

7 thoughts on “Reloaded is Recruiting

  1. Sounds like a good group style, kind of what my guild is like now. Your raid times are a bit later then mine however but your guild does sound very homey.

    Perhaps I should roll another alt but on that server this time just to look you up. :)

    Any role you would need for a part timer/fill in?

    If you need a hunter I’ve got plenty at 85. lol

  2. Please come an join us Grumpy. We are actually thinking about making the second group an earlier group. The server overall is very short on healers it seems (but it seems like a WoW Epidemic.) We have lots of hunters in our guild, so I think one more might feel right at home… I am not kidding either, we went to get some kingslayers on alts and I think it was like 6 hunters in a 10 man, lol.

  3. The good old days when Cataclysm first came out and survival was so OP. All you needed where a couple of tanks and healers, whatever did not matter, and all survival hunters and you could down anything in record time.

    I have a low level dwarf shaman over on Zul’jin that has been left to rot, perhaps she can come over and heal. Or a low level goblin priest that has been sitting in Org since god knows when.

    I might start something new just for fun. Don’t mind healing. Pick one, shaman or priest, I am decent on either. Heck, you can even pick race if you want. I am not picky. Not like it would move up all that fast. I only play around on alts on sundays usually. So 1-85 of sundays only would take roughly 5 weeks if I do not just move an existing character from somewhere there.

  4. I would personally work with you on a Gnome Priest! lol I think I have a character at every stage of leveling to help you through… my hunter is a toon my made just to harass a guildie so maybe I will get my hunter level and PvP with you as you move up.

  5. Made a Gnome Priest named Grumpygnome, of course, just to save the name. I have not logged him in yet. Will try to pop on before logging off tonight just to whisper you and get a guild invite if possible. I’ll attempt to get a few hours in leveling this weekend.

  6. Just a note, you putting your guilds name between <
    > kind of made it disappear because WordPress was assuming it was some kind of unknown HTML tag.

    Look up ASCII HTML codes to type the less than and greater than signs properly ;)

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