Dragon Soul Getting Nerfed

Last night I read the news that Dragon Soul is getting nerfed! and I went Yey!

I’m in a small friend guild. We don’t always end up with the best raid composition. We don’t always have the same healer from one night to the next. Sometimes our tanks get stuck at work. We raid with 2 awesome hunters, in 10 man.

We are all competent players and individually could join a progression guild and do well. But we like playing together, because we know each other. We know the jokes, we push each other, we die, get frustrated one night to one shot the same boss the next night. We are currently 5/8 with some solid attempts at the ship… we just always seem to run out of time. We are casual raiders, we know it, we don’t pretend to be anything else. Individually I think some have already cleared DS with pugs. I have cleared up to Madness on an alt.


I read Kurn and listen to her podcast. I enjoy the banter and enjoy reading from the perspective of her and many other progression raiders I listen to. I am however quite disappointing, because what I have seen kill many WoW communities is what I am reading on her post.

My toons grew up in a PvP server that had population issues ever since I started playing. I never experienced the life of a larger server other than making a toon to talk to a friend there before real id, or to pass the time if our server was down for whatever reason.

When I first started to raid lead and lead a guild I started to bump into “progression raiders.” I quickly saw that they enjoyed trolling others establishing superiority via their achievements in game. That really does not mean much to an adult. Then the groups in this small server introduced me to the systematic dismantling of other groups. A raiding guild would move in, or progress and they would do what they could to poach players, not to help them but to slow the other guild down. I saw what a competitive environment can do, and how it hurt the overall community. I am hoping that this was an outlier of the community, and not the norm with progression raids.

I looked up to people like Kurn, progression raiders that seemed to just want to play the game at a higher level. Willing to share tips and help the overall community. I admire their dedication to their guild and the game. I even went as far as to be ok the calls of foul play when T12 was nerfed. I felt I was part of her community, the WoW community… I guess I was fooling myself.

Cataclysm arrived and with the T11 content nerfs, my faith in Blizzard was shaken. When the Firelands nerfs arrived, I was furious and my trust in Blizzard eroded. And now, with the announcement of Dragon Soul nerfs, despite the fact that Looking for Raid exists *for* those people who will not make the efforts needed to raid seriously, I have to admit that my faith in Blizzard is shattered. My trust in the developers of World of Warcraft is gone. I am obviously not the type of player they want playing their game. And that’s what’s so very shocking to me. I am a good player. I am a community asset. I am a guild leader, a raid leader, a healing lead. I write a blog dedicated to the game that has had hundreds of thousands of visitors and pageviews since December 31st, 2009 (and more before then, but I don’t have any data before 12/31/09). I co-host and produce a podcast dedicated to the game.

Read the whole post, it is a great way to get perspective. A perspective I don’t agree with because it uses word like incompetence, laziness, and “this game is no longer for me“.

Before I continue with my thoughts on the subject, lets be clear about something. Blizzard is a company that makes a game. They are there to MAKE MONEY because it is what businesses do in a capitalist system. They are above and beyond one of the places that is the most sensitive to their customers and keep millions of them happy.

This is not the first time I see these kind of diatribe about the game. The moment a person starts to feel above others, to me it is the moment that they show they feel insecure. I don’t know Kurn personally and that statement is not directed at her personally. It is directed to all of the progression raiders that have yet to kill Madness on Heroic, that never Killed Ragnaros Heroic per nerf.

There is no reason to take a crap on top of the community because the allotted time to accomplish what others do in hours, days, weeks, you ran out of time to do. If you can be that awesome, then why aren’t you done already.

I’m tired of the people in the community acting like if the game is not for the top raider, the game is garbage.

WOW is in the BEST state a game can be. There is so much to do it is unreal!

Stop acting like the game has to be tailored to just YOU or it is garbage and you won’t play anymore.

If you are truly a part of the community and want to report and serve that community, think of the WHOLE community and not just your very small percentage of hardcore raiders that need 4 months to clear an instance on heroic instead of 1 or 2. The nerfs affect you only because now you cannot compare yourself with those that did it before you… the reality is that you could not do that to begin with.

I am not a top 100 player, probably not even top 1000 either. But every night I log on and kill a boss with friends I have FUN! if the game is not fun for you, by all means, quite playing.

There are so many people in the community doing creative things to have fun with the game, that it pains me to read that the people that do what I like to do in raiding, don’t even consider me a part of the community.

If you hate pandas, do it! If you want to quit playing the game, see ya! But stop acting like the game is not for you, simply because the game is not JUST for you.

3 thoughts on “Dragon Soul Getting Nerfed

  1. What you don’t understand is that for many players, there’s a metagame that extends beyond the meager confines of the game client. There’s hundreds of niches that people occupy.

    There are some people who enjoy being in the guild that only raids five hours a week, but overtake the guilds that raid five days a week in the long run because their plateau is higher than the more time committed guilds. Blanket nerfs to current content destroy their niche in the game, and they’re being vocal about it.

    There were players in many of the top end guilds who enjoyed figuring out what boss abilities do on each encounter. The dungeon journal destroyed that niche, and people were vocal about it.

    What’s most insidious about it is that it forces people to choose between aspects of the game they enjoy. Does Kurn have the option to turn off the buff? Yes, but will the rest of the raid stick with her? Unlikely. Blizzard is forcing her to choose between an unsatisfying level of difficulty, or her raid group’s well being. That’s why its so upsetting to her. There are some choices people would rather not make. There are some choices that just aren’t for some people. When the game forces you to make those choices that it outweighs what’s left in the game, then the game is no longer for you.

  2. I have no problem with that opinion or anyone stopping to play the game. What I have a problem with is with the sense of community and using it to say “I am part of it, or a big contributor” but even if she speaks for most, she does not speak for all. When there are generalizations made about who the nerfs are for, or why they should or should not play the game (their game, our game) it is short sided.

    I fall into that trap all the time, and I try to read others perspective. Just because I don’t clear all hardmodes it does not make me lazy or incompetent, it just makes me less commited time wise or focus wise. However, it does not mean that I don’t get to enjoy the game that we all pay for.

    I understand that the buff comes without a choice. When Firelands was nerfed everyone said they wanted a choice… now they have a choice and everyone is saying, we wanted more time (or no buff at all.)

    The thing is that Blizzard is a company that deals with numbers, statistic and subscribers. While raiders might be a smaller percentage of their overall playerbase, if a great percentage of them is not progressing as a company they have to take action.

  3. I am with Logtar on this one. Blizzard is a company, and they cater to everyone. The hard core raiders make up a small proportion of the players, and tailoring a game just for them would not be cost efficient, as a company. The casual gamer is the player they are trying to attract now – people who pay just as much money to play as the hard core gamer. I am actually pleased that they gave us the the choice of the nerf, but when given it, people won’t take it because other groups will be using the nerf so you have to keep up with the Jones. Like you Logtar, I have seen big guilds, top raiding guilds come and go, collapse from internal fighting, splinter into smaller guilds that eventually themselves collapse and move elsewhere. Our guild persists because FUN is why we play, not the latest kill. We support our guildies and try to cater for all, and help others who struggle rather than say you’re not good enough, get out and find somewhere else to play. People bring more to the game than their dps or their healing. But I digress.

    People complain stuff is “boring” in WoW now. But I find there is so much to do! I can never be bored, in fact I don’t even have time to do all the things I want to do! Which players do you think Blizzard wants to keep happy, the ones who play heavily and get bored really quickly (Gen Y type behaviour) and complain a lot, or those of us who have been playing for years and keep finding new things to keep us entertained? The choice really is simple, isn’t it.

    Great post Logtar :)

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