Bear to wood transformation

You would think that a druid shape shifter can do great things on all of the different specs, it is just not that easy. I am a sucky druid but I am working at it.

Gatoso, my bear, actually grew up during wrath alongside Trizilla. He had the added bonus of our accounts being linked so he leveled quickly. Back then we had a serious shortage of tanks and well, the natural thing was for me to do some bear tanking because of the similarities with warriors… they both use rage (that is where the similarities start and stop). We also did not play with a lot of resto druids and the ones we had were excellent healers. I have never actually played with a true Boomkin (I call them chubby chickens… maybe I should stop so we can keep a attract more of them.)

Once we moved to our new server it seemed that what the server lacked most is healers, so I played a lot with my priest… and ended up building a quick set for my bear. During Firelands it seemed that my healing style as a resto seemed to work well, fast forward to dragon soul (and a bag full of non straight intellect gems) and you have a resto druid that has gear with all the wrong gems and probably reforged poorly. I am simply not putting out the numbers I need, and even though he is not one of my main toons I don’t like to feel carried by others.

So I am going to start working on him seriously and get better at resto. It has changed a lot over the patches and I have plenty of resources to pull from. Just last week I read a great post from Cannot be tamed which will already help a lot in a couple of fights.

One of the drawbacks of having alts is that they always seem to be able to get gear drops a lot quicker than your main. Dragon Soul is proving to be an exciting raid, and like Lich King one that we will probably be able to get everyone that wants to get through it, through it on normal. Who knows, by next month we might even be doing well into heroics! Death to Douchewing!

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