If you have ever read my regular blog you know that for some reason I have issues with labels. They do seem to come in handy though. This topic though is one that is coming up a lot lately. Elitism in WoW.

The reason that this is going to become a hot topic in the coming weeks is because Blizzard introduced a new feature where you can do the latest raid in this patch with 25 other people in a easier than normal difficulty setting. I went there with two characters now and it is faceroll for raiders… not sure it will be for casuals or bad players.

Like many other posts this one will be all over the place, but I think I do have a point. Lets first define the labels.

Elite to me is someone that has killed Ragnaros pre-nerf. The 1% of the population that is not just a raider but actually has seen results while content is relevant. There are not too many of those in WoW.

Raider is the person that only plays WoW to raid. That is their primary focus and they are part of a progression guild. They might not get world or even server first, but they do get their achievement drakes and probably went 7/7 HM.

Casual is a person that enjoys the game and might even raid, but it is not their primary focus. They might have the skills but not the time, or enjoy people rather than progression. I put myself in this category.

Bad is the person that does not try. Grumpy elf has an excellent post about it, go read it. To me a bad is someone that refuses to take advice and does nothing to improve their gameplay. They are the ones that expect to be carried to shinnies.

Elitist is the group of people that look down upon others because of their achievements in game. They are the people that forget where they came from and feel the entitlement to verbally abuse others because of their “superiority.”

In a way, this post could also be looked at as a form of elitism as well, because I truly don’t like playing with either bad players or elitists.

I’ve had people tell me that I have the wrong attitude towards the game. I personally play to just see content, so to me 7/7 non hard modes in Firelands is ok. I will go back and do the heroic modes, but it is not my primary goal. Now if Deathwing kills over on regular very easy and I can do some heroic modes, awesome. I will not lose sleep over my gear not having the little “heroic tag.”

I jumped back into the whole leading a guild thing. Once Bea and I transferred over to a new server, we were joined by most of our friends. The ones that chose not to come for their own reasons are still our friends and hopefully we will get to do more with them if they open up cross server raiding. (Cross server BGs are already a reality!)

The point of this post is that I really don’t want to play with elitist or with bad players anymore. It makes me feel bad sometimes, but if someone does not have the decency to either respect others by not belittling people or at least work on their characters before they step into the raiding game, I feel like they are wasting my time.

I would not DPS for a long time, I could do it but not at the level that I thought a DPS should. I feel that a DPS should be able to move out of the fire and keep their numbers up, but for a long time I felt that was just not going to happen for me. Recently I have tried and been able to do it with some consistency. I don’t think I am all that good at DPSing in the game, but I do think that I can bring something to the table when it comes to healing and tanking.

I don’t think expecting this same self evaluation from the people you play with is too much.

The point of this post is two fold. Where do you see fitting in this scale? Would you be willing to play with people lower than you on that scale?

I ask because I think that Blizzard might benefit from instituting something along these lines. Almost like a badge system. I know you will be able to get medals of some sorts in MoP. Imagine being able to get even a bronze medal and say, I only want to play with bronze medal level players. What do you think of a feature like this?

TH to both Windsoar and Grumpy’s discussions for sparking this post.

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