4.3 So Far!

I hated Firelands. We will have to still go in there until Triz completes her legendary quest as well as Jackie’s mage that has it right behind her. It will be probably done on a off night but I could not wait to get out of that world of orange and brow. I am not a fan of the color to begin with and with all the fights being driven by one or two dumb mechanics it felt good to go in there a clear the place minus Rags in less than 2 hours. So 3 new dungeons and a new raid could not come fast enough.

The dungeons are short, VERY short. With a competent group they can be done in less than 30 minutes. I think we cleared one in about 20 or less. Eventually I think that Ilidan and Thrall will get very very annoying and seem slow, but at least for now they seem to keep up. I still seem doomed to have the same shield from the first month of Cata that Mike crafted for me… I hope the gear gods smile upon me and let me upgrade my shield.

Only half of the new raid is open in the LFR. The raid is extremely easy for raiders, who are the only people that could probably access it the first week due to the iLvL requirement of 372. I did the raid with one of my tanks and both of my healers and actually managed a couple of nice drops for the healers. The bosses seem to have their mechanics tuned very low and after 1 wipe it seems anyone that had not seen the fight before was able to pick it up and execute. I do think that having most of the raid be in pretty good gear probably helps, but 372 is pretty high… I am sure people with PvP gear will sneak in but overall it should not be an issue for any group to clear at least the first 4 bosses.

I did not spend any time in the darkmoon fair since I was focused on capping my 4 raid capable toons of valor points. Capping is now a breeze. The new dungeons give you 150 (either new or old heroics) and the raid gives you 250. It took no time to get all of them capped.

I have not had this much fun playing WoW in a while. If I want to raid, I can get into one in minutes. The only annoying thing is dealing with bad pugs, but surprisingly that is not the case in the raid. I guess we will see how it pans out as the weeks go on and more people get into the LFR.

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