The Bar

The day you turn 21 you are finally able to enter that fantastic place called a bar. Before you know it you become a regular at that local dive. You start to like the people, you make friends with other regulars and before you know it you spend a lot of time at the place. One day you have the bright idea of telling the bartender that you could serve drinks, he takes you up on it and before you know it you are not just the bartender, you are pretty much running the whole thing.

You tell your friends about the bar, and the place start to look packed even on weeknights.

Eventually it seems like the owner is just not that nice, the food is not all that good and it seem like baseball is the only game that is ever on the TV. Now that you mention it, the TV is not even a big screen. So with some of the locals, one of whom has financial backing to put to his words you decide to open up your own bar.

Even though you had been previously practically running a bar, it is not all that easy. You start to let your friends also become bartenders. Most of the crowd you had before comes to the new bar and it becomes a happening place. With the money you start to upgrade the bar, there is not just baseball on the TVs, there is also football, both professional and college. Even once in a while there is basketball. No matter what the season is or what the sport is, everyone seems to be engaged and having fun.

Everyone seems to enjoy the food, everyone seems to be having fun. Times are good and the bar prospers. More amenities, more TVs, more people.

As the place begins to become bigger and bigger your employees ask about security, maybe bouncers that will not allow just everyone in and kick people out. You say nonsense, this is a bar full of friends, there will never be issues. There is the occasional drunken disturbance, but nothing that cannot be easily resolved.

Eventually this new sport starts to become popular. Even though boxing was shown once in a while and people were ok with it, this new sport called MMA is a little more brutal. Some people want to watch it, others don’t even want to look at it. It seems like every night that there is a big MMA event, the bar starts to split into those that have the stomach for it and those that don’t.

Eventually the bar starts to segment itself more and more. It seems like nobody can agree on what music to play in the jukebox, or what sport to watch on TV. The food that everyone was willing to pay for before, now seems tired and overpriced. People are coming for one or two drinks and the place is just not what it used to be.

It seems that more often than not people are in their little cliques and don’t want to associate with each other anymore. The bartenders can see glares from across the room. The complains start to get more and more often. The specials simply don’t attract people anymore.

The owner, financial backers and some of the employees decide that it is better to close the bar and go on their separate ways. What was one the place to be, its simple a place you go out of habit. The big screen TVs are there, but nobody seems to be watching them.

I guess all good things come to an end.

The Nerf Bat

I didn’t have to look up “I got nerfed Brah,” I understood the concept immediately because Nerf stuff has always intrigued me. I never thought that the toys and games we played were all that dangerous and that scars were just part of growing up, but Neft took it to a whole new level. So I knew it meant that you probably did not hit as hard as he did before. The term is used in the WoW community to describe any game mechanic change that might be looked at as making the game easier (or players weaker) and buff is the opposite.

With Cata Blizzard screwed the pooch. They released a lot of content that was consumed rapidly by the seasoned players (not just raiders) and screwed with gameplay a whole lot. In an effort to make things more accessible (something I wanted myself) they wrecked havoc with balancing. They thought that gear would fix everything but I think failed to calculate the rate that alts would raise, I mean its just 5 levels no matter how steep they are. The dungeon finder and guild perks made it so that leveling was quick and the bulk of the time was spent on dungeons or raids… and believe it or not, that is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Making people happy is an impossible job. As a GM making 40-50 people happy was impossible… imagine trying to keep 11+ million subscribers being probably a little more challenging.

Firelands sucked for me from the time it was released. The place has a horrible color scheme (yea lets make a place full of fire, where you will die if you stand on the fire, and the mobs have fire based abilities) Oh, but the bosses should be HUGE and make tanking them horrible while trying to stay out of the fire. I am sure plenty of people fell through that spider web wondering what the heck happened… its simply hard to see everything that is going on there… even on a good computer with a decent sized monitor. It really had made it hard for people that don’t have the latest and greatest machine to enjoy the raiding part of the game.

However, the gear curve (probably for the first time) made raiders who had conquered tier 11 heroics leapfrog directly to heroic content. I think most hardcore raiding guilds cleared firelands normal modes in a week and then started progression. I find it amusing that people asked for things to be more challenging only to hit a wall when blizzard did. Many raiders, the serious but still wannabe hardcore kind (several hours a week) started to wipe on content… all the Wrath of the LK “heroes” that still cannot down Ragnaros on heroic started to say, heroics are not worth it.

I experienced that myself when Ruby Sanctum came out. The hassle of explaining the fight and possibility for mayhem made it that I killed it once with a toon and that was it, I did not want to go there again. Heck I don’t even what to go there now. All the mechanics I hate are there… and they suck. People also forget why they hated ToC so much, and it is mostly that people just could not complete it on heroic because Anub, even now tiers later can still wipe a 25 man. Some people love mechanics, but its hard to find 10 or 25 people that are in love with learning mechanics and executing at 100% every single time. They make things not puggable.

I am excited that they are nerfing Firelands. I will get to see all the bosses, I might even be able to do some heroics and gear up for the final tier of this expansion. I am glad I did not leave the game altogether because I am getting excited about killing Deathwing.

Priesting it up

You would think that someone with 3 tanks loves tanking right? nope, I love healing.

Moving to a brand new server meant that did not have to be the “token” tank anymore. The guild I joined did need a tank, and I thought that was going to be my focus again but it ended up being that they needed a healer. I was still undergeared for T11, but one week in a server that is alive and I have full tier sets already (even a token waiting for when I get more VPs.)

I had neglected Hollogos since Cata came out. I leveled his professions, got all the recipes but since we did not really need raid healers and were always short tanks he sat once again behind my DK and Bear. Now there was a need for him and I have been raid healing as Holy.

I have yet to go back to discipline and from what I read it is the spec to be now for priests because of crit. I do have a disc spec and I am not ready to try it on a raid yet, but I am going to start playing with it on 5 mans this week. Who knows maybe I will use it on T11 clears next week.

Playing in a server with actual people is a totally different experience. I wish I would have made this move a long time ago. I also should have been healing this whole time, it is something I truly enjoy.