I hate you Blizzard

Just as I was starting to reach the conclusion that there is just not enough content to keep me interested and engaged since the firelands are kind of underwhelming in my opinion, Blizzard drops a couple of huge bombs this week that totally get me super interested back in the game.

The first one is that the feature that I have been using very moderately because I did not want to get sucked into it and then have to pay for it (the cross realm party system) just got “released” and it is still free. What is even more interesting is that they are not shying away from the idea that raids could be in the future.

The other feature that is going to be released is the ability to wear cosmetic armor rather than what you currently have on… this is really cool, this could really help me clean up my bank, this could change the way we look at the game.

Since my tanks are already pretty geared I have not been bothered with bringing up my next one… but now with the hotfix that threat is now 500% of damage… well… it makes tanking that much more appealing. I can concentrate on movement and cooldowns now.

And last but not least… it seems that 4.3 is going to bring the raid where I can kill deathwing… as uninterested as I have been about it… this might make me just stay playing until I can complete that and kill that pesky dragon for turning me into a ball of fire while I was leveling an alt in the highlands… dam you blizzard, dam you

2 thoughts on “I hate you Blizzard

  1. I’ve played a little bit on the PTR, and the new dungeons are fun with interesting story twists. I’ve started trying to farm old T1 and T2 stuff for Transmogrification. I’m looking forward to the cross realm raiding as well. That would give me a chance to run with some of my real life friends who have all changed servers. What’s next, RealID guilds?

  2. That is an interesting concept, I would be happy just with cross realm (premade) raids for sure.

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