Ready, Set, RAID!

Finally, after a couple of weeks of people not feeling ready to tackle Cata content and just going there and checking stuff out, we have actually started raiding. Our first week so far has brought us two kills. Halfus and Magmaw have now fallen to the SAINTS!

Halfus is a fight that changes from week to week, some combinations are a lot tougher than others and this weeks combo is probably one of the easier ones. Magmaw is all about the adds… those little worms can really make a mess. Once our healers got geared and our tank got less squishy we were able to get them both in about 4 attempts. We are also making our way through trash a lot quicker than before, so a couple of hours of raiding should get us a couple of bosses next week. Not lightning fast progression (OMG Paragon is already done with this tier!), but for casual guild, progression nonetheless.

We took a peek for the first time at Conclave last night and the fight looks like a lot of fun. I think we have the strategy that will work for us.

TH to Blacksen for making me aware of the goodness that it is BossBluePrin.

On PvP news, we got our first guild win as a rated battleground group last week and did some 10s this week, but some people are still getting their gear up. Our 2s team are doing well, with a couple of them hitting 1550 and even the 3s team I am on getting 1550!

Overall we have having a lot of fun leveling the guild and right now we are concentrating on fishing from pools so we can get the awesome feast!

We are patiently waiting for 4.0.6 so that a couple of our healers don’t have to sweat as much when we are raiding and hopefully everyone but me gets nerfed on PvP! Bring on the PATCH!