Player vs Player

Ah, the end of the expansion is coming to a close and we still have so much to do. We continue to raid a lot more than I thought we ever would but for the most part people are having fun. Recently I have entered the world of PvP and having fun learning about it.

While boss encounters, like the LK fight, have a lot of challenging mechanics that require a high level of team play and people knowing what to do; PvP is all of that in a short burst. You first have to see what the other team is going to bring and in seconds come up with a strategy. Then if it does not work (because the healer is just not running out of mana, or another player seems weaker) you switch strategies on the fly.

I am kind of late on this Arena season and have learned a lot. I recommend that if you plan on doing it start getting your experience now so that you don’t feel like a total noob when the next season is out.

I am playing only with my warrior and going arms and I have the good luck to play with all different classes in our teams, from a resto druid to a ret pally we have tons of fun winning. I even almost got the winning streak achievement the other day, but as you rating gets better so does the competition.

If you are interested on starting out, PvP gear is a must! Its the difference between making it lots of fun and frustrating. BGs and WG should get you the starting gear… or maybe you can spend some of those emblems you have no clue what to do with.

If you have a hunter check out Cata’s new camouflage ability, it makes me almost want to roll one… almost!

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