Back to Killing the LK

The summer is finally letting us have our raiders back! and with that comes 25s again, which seem to make the most people happy. The thing that is making me happy though is our second 10 man. Our first is picking back up and doing hardmodes on 10, but the second one now has pretty much all of ICC minus LK on farm status.

We are now working on the second group of Kingslayers. The fight is the same, but with every little change in raid makeup there needs to be adjustments and I love it. Progression raiding is a lot about being able to take wipes gracefully and get people motivated to try again. The awesome thing is that I am the one that has to stop people or they will keep on trying all night! We have an awesome group of motivated people.

We are now past the transition phase with this group and read to start working on defile!… oh darn defile.

It might take a little bit of time to get everyone to learn the fights and their roles, but I am looking forward to getting more BDS Kingslayers walking around. I am also looking forward to getting a new boss down on 25. Blood Queen is pretty close to hitting the floor permanently!

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