Ruby Sanctum 10 Man – Down

We actually completed RS the same day it came out. I tanked the clearing of the trash and then healed the initial attempts at Hallion but wanted to go to bed. The group stayed and picked up a couple of pugs and cleared it that night.

We have been pretty busy with ICC but decided to do another guild only attempt this week and even did some hard mode attempts when I forgot to switch it back from doing hard modes in ICC. We cleared the trash in one night and last night came back and actually killed Hallion.

We now have about 4 tanks that know the fight well and while it might not be completely farm status because the trash can be challenging for some groups, the content is now under our belt.

We now have 3 solid 10 man groups going every week and have taken 25 to kill the ugly brothers and blood council. Summer is a hard time to put raid together but we are going strong and this week will concentrate on more LK kills on 10. Darn it, I totally forgot to take a picture!

The End of Guild Hopping

One of the most annoying aspects of running a guild is the hopping. People that come in with the idea that you will get gear, or knowledge and move on to greener pastures when the opportunity is there. While the changes coming in the next expansion will not end this issue, its nice to know that Blizzard is at least trying to discourage it.

Even though we will not know until the expansion is actually released, it seems that they have axed a lot of what would make the guild leveling system a dividing thing (Raiders vs PvPers comes to mind.) As our progression has slowed down and summer is in full force, a lot of us are PvPing a lot more, and having an expansion that would make us pick between being a PvP guild and a Raiding guild would have been a sucky choice to have to make. While our strict PvPers are not many right now, as we all get better at it, we all see lots of fun in it. Heck even my wife now has a spec for PvP and has doing BGs.

I do think that leaving some of the rewards you get from being in a guild behind if you chose to leave its fair. It has been frustrating trying to explain to people that reaching 5K DPS single target does not mean they are raid ready, but I have seen people do it and go get a better “raid” spot. While it has been very few and far between, I rather keep the same group together. The success of a progression raid is directly related to how well the team works together to help each other out. Once you have out-geared content some of those things can be made up with specific players, but when you are trying to get stuff done for the first time you do need that cohesiveness between your team members.

I am sure we will still see guild hoppers come and go in the future, but I think the rewards of being in a guild that works together are finally going to be very tangible in the coming expansion. I am curious if there will be changes to the guild bank, some flexibility there would help tons… also more rank options. The guild leader and officers right now have little tools for managing things or even mass communication, which is ok when you have 20 people in a guild, but when you have over 50 active players it turns into a huge mess.

We will have to wait what those changes mean, and as we get more reports from the people in the beta this expansion seems to really have some meat beyond just new classes and flying all over. I hope that most of it does not end in the cutting floor, specially everything that will regard people for being loyal and hard workers in their guild.