Summerize your WoW

Yes people, this is the post that you have been waiting for! How to make your WoW ready for the summer!

The summer months mean higher temperatures and with dust build up it could make your computer run like a brick. So the first thing that you need to do is care for your machine in the physical type of way. You need to give it some TLC and it is actually pretty simple to do.

If you have never cracked your case open I am given you permission now. Have a nice vacuum cleaner close to you and get ready to suck some dust out of there. Unplug all cables from the computer, specially the power cable. Use one of the nifty attachments and make sure that if you remove some screws opening the case, they don’t get sucked in by the vacuum. Once you have it all clean and and free of dust dinosaurs, FIRE IT UP with the case open. Check to make sure that every single fan is working (specially the one for your video card and the one for your motherboard and CPU.) Also make sure that none of them are too loud. If they are you might have to replace them. Get a friend to do it for you if you have never done it before, but someone with some hardware knowledge should be able to replace them.

Depending on how hot the room is, you might want to consider to leave the case completely open during this summer months. The CPU and video card can get really hot and leaving it open is an option. Also be very mindful of positioning and don’t have it too close to a wall or inside of a cabinet, airflow is the key!

The following are not summer related, but a good reminder of things that you should do to make your WoW work awesome!

Defrag your computer.
– Clean up any viruses or malware. (Malware bytes) is the newest free flavor or the month.
– Always have at least this one running (AVG Free)
– Back up your data.
– Change your Password (both e-mail and WoW)
– Get an authenticator.

There will be plenty of fun to be had on and off the game this summer, just make sure you keep your computer clean both software and hardware wise!

2 thoughts on “Summerize your WoW

  1. Great post which I should adhere to more often. I have read that using compressed air is the best way to go and use the vacuum only on the exterior and keyboard. Something about a static charge from the vacuum.

    Hubby and I are in a terrible habit of eating at our desks and I’m sure I could nearly make a another full meal from my keyboard *blush*

    Now I do keep a duster near my computer since we just got new computers last week and I want them to last a while and shake out or vacuum my keyboard more often. Trust me potato chips can definitely stick your keys hehe.

  2. The vacum can def unplug a cable if not used properly, but if you have never cleaned the inside you WILL need vacuum. Trust me. LOL

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