Progression is a Ladder NOT a slope

It still amazes me that people think that they don’t have to constantly work on their class to reach new levels, even after 80. Some people think that squeezing X amount of DPS on Y fight makes them automatically raiders, and that could not be further from the truth.

Being a progression raider is having the patience to wipe not just 3 times in a boss, but 30. While your progression group on 10 might be clearing content, a group gearing it behind it will wipe a lot more. Just having one uncommitted player will wipe a raid very easily, and that is not even counting the people that forget to switch specs, equip their weapon after fishing or having technical difficulties. After wipping over and over on a boss because people don’t seem to be able to kill the spikes, move out of the fire or poison or simply cannot run away when the wolf yells at you (not to mention how expensive things get when you have better gear); you cannot blame people for not wanting to do something over and over.

Enter our guild, our mantra has leaned more towards the constant wipes on the same content until everyone gets it. Now that we have grown, we have amongst us people that might want to help but are not really into the business of waiting for someone to “get” a fight. They see the game from the mechanics perspective and one a mechanic like “move out of the fire” is in their arsenal, they don’t understand why the pretty blue flames are any different or harder for people to grasp than the green flames or purple puddles.

I don’t blame them for feeling that way. I sometimes feel that same way too, however I play the game for the social aspect as much as I play it for the kill the dragon aspect. I love my guildies, I love that the guild gives them the opportunity to see content that they might have never reach in other guilds. I love watching the progress and getting advice from one of the people that gets study the class they play like a college course. Even before we got the talent that we now have we had already progressed beyond my wildest imagination where there was only a dozen of us starting out.

However there is something I want everyone to understand about progression and our guild. Every new boss requires you to use skill that you should already have but in addition there is coordination, gear requirements (resistance, DPS level), homework and attitude. You will see guilds that are very geared but still cannot get a boss down, and it happens because the teamwork is not there. To have progression you have to balance all of those things or you will be hitting walls over and over. No raider, even in our very helpful guild, will be happy to carry you to the next step, lend a hand sure, push your butt to the next step? no.

Progression is NOT about gearscore. Progression is simply about being able to do what you are supposed to do when the raid leader asks you to do it. Be it, move out of the fire, or only heal to 50% because anything else will actually heal the boss that you are about to kill. Also understand that that ladder can turn into a slide very quickly (almost like a cartoon mouse turning a switch on that pesky cat) when you lose a key player. Be patient, progression takes time, and if you are told you are not ready don’t get mad, ask what will make me ready? The cake is not green!

Even in the days of loot falling out of the sky, not many guilds are farming ICC. We are now right in the progression race and this week actually got to Sindragosa with one of our 10 mans. Like one of our guildies said, you can smell the lich king from there, and yes we do smell blood.

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