New ICC Raids

Here is the way the new raids are going to be setup.

ICC 25 (Up to Gunship) (1DKP)

Depending on availability and what the weekly is, we will be running ICC 25 on Tuesday and it is open to anyone’s main, and even some alts. Priority for this run will be mains first. Loot distibution will be DKP.

The reasoning behind this run is simple. If anyone in progression 25 still needs a drop from these first bosses has priority and will have the flexibility to use their DKP points. If you don’t need anything from here you don’t have to attend or get a chance to get an alt in. If you want to join the 25 progression group, this is the place to show us what you can do. Also it is great opportunity for people to get gear and experience in a 25 man raid environmenct. You can also start earning DKP points for future progression raid.

ICC25 Progression (Sourfang and Up) (2DKP)

Raid by invite only and for mains only. One point to show up, one point for staying the duration. See guild schedule for detail.

ICC 10s

Depends on raid leaders availability. Our progression 10 is at Sindragosa and getting closer to TLK. Once we have him down we will have the raid leaders split up and run more clean ICC 10s. We currently have 3 non progression 10s scheduled, but as more people are geared this number will go up.

Again, e-mail me questions you might have and I will do my best to keep this updated.

One thought on “New ICC Raids

  1. aimed macro marksman

    #showtooltip aimed shot
    /cast [target=pettarget,exists] kill command
    /cast aimed shot
    /cast silencing shot

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