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Ah, the beauty of having new problems in a guild that overnight multiplied.

Ok, so now we have a new issue, but in my opinion it is a good one. We now have a progression 10 group and a progression 25 group. The problem is that now we have to change our loot rules, well, just a bit, and just for that.

We have been a loot council guild from the begining. It has worked for us becase we all know each other pretty well and in 10 man there is hardly ever 10 people that can use the same piece. However, a 25 and a progression 10 are totally different monsters, so we have inhereted the DKP system that was in place before wher most of our serious raiders come from.

First let me say that there is no perfect loot system out there. Some benefit those that are hardcore and have the time to show up to ever raid, some benefit the lucky roller (and lucky with drops, that happen to be in a raid where nobody else needs the gear). In the end I think our method of loot council of replacing the worse pieceof gear in the party works when you know everyone very well. The roll system of one piece per run, and MS before OS works well when we have pugs.

DKP is pretty straigh forward. It rewards participation and sticking it out through wipes. There are no rewards for the, “Sowwy guyz, I dizconetz.” when you are working on progression. You show up, you get a point. You stick it out, you get another point. We added a little confusion by allowing more people to go to 25 by starting it earlier in the week just to clear up to gunship. We think it will work out well because it gets people a chance to show us they can handle 25 and joining our progression group while giving them also a chance a loot. Of course if a progression persons shows up to the early start the will have a higher chance at loot because they are accumulating more points. Badges, a chance to learn the content and chances at primodial Soronite are all good incentives though.

BOE items during this run will go to the GB as well as patterns. Soronite in all progressions runs goes to the GB so we can get more crafters with all the patters from ICC. (I am working on the list, I promise, just have not had the time.)

I hope this makes it all a little clearer. Send me a message in game or e-mail me if you have questions an I will update this post!

5 thoughts on “Loot Rules

  1. My only question is this, did the inherited DKP system reset at the merge? On the first 25 man (TOC not progression) run I had with the new members, there seemed to be some disagreement over how many points some people had, or who had a right to roll on what.

    I am not gonna stand up and say it is unfair if it didn’t reset to apply equally to preexisting Saints, but I can see the point of that argument. To be fair I can also see the point of it being unfair to reset it for somebody who has been saving points for weeks of runs to get the perfect item. Just wanted to know for my own information.

  2. The short answer is no. The DKP points did not reset when the merger happened.

    The cool thing is that there were several Saints already going to the runs before the merger, so they also have points coming in.

    DKP is not a perfect system as I noted above and it does favor the people that show up to every progression raid (so Casuals will not get as many points.)

    The thing is that the people going to the progression raids are more dedicated and want to not just get the loot but kill Arthras, so their multiple deaths while figuring it out a boss count for something in my opinion.

    Regular guild runs and “gear up” runs are still the same as our before, and so far I have seen mostly positive things with people still passing on a slight upgrade to gear up a guildie that needs it more.

    Will there be issues, sure, gear always produces jelousy and when you have casuals mixed in with progression people it will happen.

    Take my tank gearing for example. I had the opportunity to go to a gear rep run just for my tank, and I passed on it to give it to Phaetel. My logic was that if he got geared, any time that I ran with him as the other tank I would get to get loot quicker and it has been very accurate.

    A lot changes when it comes to DPS and specially Druid and Hunter gear. There are a lot more of those two and they are going for similar stats, however a hunter piece will always go to a hunter… but when it comes to offspecs it will create controversy.

    My ultimate take on it is that in the end we will all get gear, just some will have to wait a little longer than others. Skill and learning the fights is a lot more valuable, but its hard to convince people of that when the reality is that progression at the moment is based on gear score and being able to output a certain amount of DPS. The buff is changing that though.

  3. Thanks for the clarification!

    I have absolutely no problem with the gear distribution favoring those that consistently put in more time and effort. I have nothing against DKP systems in general. Hell I have a hard time rolling need in a random against a Guildie that I perceive to be a greater contribution to the group and/or Guild.

    As for some Saints having been in the raid group previously, I had wondered if that was not the case.

  4. Totally off-topic but WOW related. New BoA Mount available in the online store. Celestial mount is a skill scaling flying/ground mount. That means if you are level 30 you can ride it round Goldshire, but if you are 80 and already have a 310% you can fly this one at that rate. $25 US.

    That, and the change of the RAF mount from Zebra to 2 seater flying/ground mount, are really stirring up the trolls on the official forums. (The RAF mount change has been delayed, so I am waiting till the change to redeem my mount for Lilly playing).

  5. I am with you on that one, I am not redeeming my mount until the rocket shows up!

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