Guild Rules

The BoondockSains is a guild about mutual respect. We all have different goal in the game and there is room for all of us. Even though we are still going to be a casual guild that raids, we have come to a new chapte that will give us the chance to jump into the progression train and kill Arthras sooner than we had expected.

As a guild we have some rules, and we are very welcoming but also strict about certain things. Certain things will get you a warning, but some will get you gkicked faster than you can type /gquit

– Our Casual vent is not a play ground. Never share it with non guildies, that is why we have a raid vent.
– Do not wear our guild tag if yo want to troll trade. Want to verbally sparr with Pritti… get on an alt.
– No Race – Religion – Sexual orietation slurs will be tolerated. Remember Mutual respect.

Now the stuff you want to really read about.

Raids are going to be either progression or casual. Raid leaders will have control over who goes into progression and loot rules will be clearly defined by them.

We are keeping the current raiding schedule and adding additional weekly raids and 10 mans. There will be more raids to get into besides the progression. We will also revisit old content.

Please update your guild note. Let us know your specs and professions and if you have alts, put your main name on it.

Be polite, be mature, participate, be helpful and always constructive and you will have lots of fun.

(Please direct question to Logtar – He will add informationm here. as needed)

Short answer of why we merged guilds is that we wanted to keep progressing as a group instead of just filling each other’s spots. For a long answer talk to Booty.

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