My wife has an iphone and downloded the little app to get an online authenticator. We also purchased authenticators for both of our accounts. It seems like a pain when you are getting used to it, but after this weekend I think it was a great investment.

We had two guildies get hacked this weekend. In fact, it seems like our server was hit pretty hard this weekend with attacks. My guess is that the hackers probably had to deliver some gold that as bought.

I had google adds on this page, but it was pointed out to me that the ads sometimes lead to gold sellers pages, so I decided to remove the completely. I want no part on helping those people make a buck out of the game they exploit.

Check your virus software, change your password, and please, please get an authenticator. If you have an android or an iphone or touch its pretty much free… also ordering it is not too expensive. It will make you a lot safer… it sucks to log in and have no gear anymore, or in some cases, not even characters to play with anymore.

3 thoughts on “Authenticators

  1. I cannot endorse the authenticator enough. I have the iPhone version and when Lilly gets serious about playing I will make her get one as well (right now she has nothing worth stealing).

    I see arguments about the hassle. An extra moment or two at login is a small price to pay for a degree of piece of mind. It’s an even bigger deal if you have access to a guilds assets. In that case your lack of protection impacts the game experience for a number of other players.

  2. I think it should be an absolute must for someone who has full guild bank privileges to have an authenticator. It really is an inexpensive investment for the amount of time you have to spend explaining things to Blizzard when you get hacked.

  3. I have the authenticator on my droid and before that i had the physical one and it is priceless, 6 dollars for a TON of money that u have payed over the year(s) that you have payed for this game

    Get it!

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