Wicked Pug Diaries

I have hated pugging quite a bit during my WoW life. I think I have even done quite a bit before the new pub system to remind our guild that pugging is bad for your sanity. Then blizzard throws a curve ball and makes the game yet again funner to play by making the idea of pugging cool again.

Two things used to make pugging painful beyond belief. Getting people to the dungeon. Someone would tell you, I am on my way to the stone… only to find out later that they either did not know where the stone was or had not paid for a fast mount yet. That would set the tone for the run and a pug would take hours on top of some more hours. Now the new system lets you to deal only with issues during the run and those can be a lot easier to deal with and you are only subjected to them for 15 mins. So why not talk about some of them here, specially the ones that amuse me.

We have a third or maybe fourth wave of 80s leveling up. I think most people in our guild now have 2 raiding 80s and have a couple more on the way or already there. Some of us have stayed away from the DPS since we have plenty there, but we have several people trying to catch up with Kabara and Theydrin on their ridiculous DK DPS specs.

As a guild we always try to help out people through their last push of levels and when I have a chance I tank even regular dungeons to have people que up faster. So two guildies and I set out to dominate DTK… my favorite instance.

We que up and the first statement out of the pugs that join is like MAAAAAN! THERE GOES MY EXPERIENCE… THERE ARE 80s here, the other one was a mage and started down the same path. My reply was simply, “no worries this will be quick, and remember the door is just a click away we can 3 man this if needed.” The non mage pug quickly corrects himself and comes back with, I just want my emblems so its cool with me.

The run was a lot of fun, and since I was tanking and did not need much healing the pulls were big and we moved quickly. The pace was set and we were almost done with the whole run and just cleared a big pull right after the big Dino. There is single pat with mobs all around, but he can be pulled by himself. My plan was to pull him first then kite him to another group and grab agro. The mage had been having fun with his blizzard and was not pulling agro so it was all good.

As I run forward and I am ready to press my charge button I see a fireball flying over my shoulder. I try to recall if the mage has been pulling or not but I had not been paying too much attention since I run DTK almost in autopilot. I stopped and did not press my charge button but instead turned my toon around to face the offending mage.

The mage has cojones, I will give him that. He gets ready to down this elite and did everything to get ready except flex to show me he could handle it. So the mob is running past me and I am static and just waiting to see what he is going to do. I am half waiting for him to either cast something to slow him or freeze him in place when the mob starts to go into a whirlwind.

See, casters are squishy, but a whirldwinding mob in WoW can mow down even plate weares… so a 70s toon in a dungeon wearing green cloth will meet the spirit rez faster than you can say “lightning bolt.”

As soon as the mob start spinning the mage stops casting and starts backing away… then the magic word comes! I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry! I promptly trow my weapon and the mob and charge him. Sometimes the best thing to do is to let someone stick the fork into the socket… you might just have the power to take the electricity off and just let themselves give a little shock.

5 thoughts on “Wicked Pug Diaries

  1. I gotta admit, I hate pugging a lot less than I used to. I gotta say tho, that when I am doing so on a lower character I realize how spoiled I have become on upper level guild runs.

    Even if it is just 1 or 2 other Saints on the run I am in, I have never not completed an instance. I have never kicked or been kicked either. It’s true some are tougher than others, but none was impossible.

    As for killing the lower level group members, you can always offer them to do another fast one if they stay in group.

    And I am afraid I don’t have any horror stories about bad group members. Does that mean that it was me? Buahahaha…

  2. you will never here i am sorry from me. and also. when arrow goes over your shoulder. mob will be attacking you not me. atleast until misdirect wears off then its attacking me if it is not dead yet. Oh but then again i am in melee distance so no one really notices your just standing there trimming your warriors nose hairs.

    and thats why i am always close so i can feign when i take aggro and the tank doesnt have to go running all around gods green earth chasing down a mob. also i think i am gonna go get another crab. or a bear. maybe good old turtle not sure yet.

  3. I am glad to see that there is method to your madness… however, your button on feign dead must be broken! I hate to see you die by the time I get a warning that you took aggro its too late. With you, mime, kabara and theydrin I need like 4 vigilances up all the time!!!

    I cannot wait until my bear is 80! I think I will be able to hold a lot more mobs for you to nuke to oblivion!

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