Lady Deathwhisper and Gunship Battle Down

We are on a roll ladies and gentleman. Last night we took a mixed group between our original kill and new comers that were not saved and had our second kill in ICC as a guild.

Lady Deathwhisper was not as tough as originally thought and after one run through just to make sure everyone knew their roll pretty good we got into a great rhythm. We got to the second phase extremely quickly in our second attempt and knew exactly what to correct. Our DPS was amazing and our heals even better. Even with a couple of the healers only stepping into ICC for the first time ever.

The gunship battle is a lot simpler of an encounter and all about teamwork. We had that down path and spent more time just having fun with the jet packs. I need one of those just to have in game, that thing is cool.

It was getting late and we all had to work so we only attempted sourfang once but he does seem a little tougher than the previous bosses. I think this week we should have an easier time in the encounters we have already figured out and actually get to work on the later bosses more and more. 3 encounters down in one week is not bad progression. Hopefully this week we can get one more under our belt and continue to progress. We also had some awesome loot drop :) that is only going to make two of our top DPS even better. ICC is turning out to be a lot more fun than frustrating. We are also going back and clearing Ulduar, I think after a full clear there we will start attempting some hard modes. Happy raiding.

One thought on “Lady Deathwhisper and Gunship Battle Down

  1. Glad to hear your having fun, ICC can be fun well at least the first 3 bosses. Orc DK can be very frustrating for beginning guilds.

    Lady Deathwhisper is pretty simple as long as no one pops the mana shield while adds are out. The adds themselves are not a huge deal provided people focus fire. Our groups DPS the adds first and then all return to the boss. It takes abou 10 seconds to drop the 3 adds and that gives roughly 19 seconds to unload on the mana shield. We stop DPS at 10% and remove pets from the boss to avoid a premature pop.

    The gun ship battle is pretty fun and is considered free loot by many. One point of advice, tank the commander such that you are facing your ship. This allows you to rocket over without turning your back to him and getting back stabbed.

    The healer to go over is best to stay on the edge of YOUR boat if they are a paladin and just beacon of light you. Shamans can hit you with chain heal as well.

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