10 Man Progression

Ladies and gentleman we are advancing. This past week we completed almost every 10 man raid available to us except for ICC. The funny thing is that we have been doing it without a schedule or set times, it is just whenever we have a group on and a raid to go to we seem to simply go and get it done.

We now have one of our trees back, hopefully the other one is done with basic training soon. Our healing corps are doing amazing. We have two Shammans which now seem to be what everyone wants on their raid, and not just any Shammans but they are doing excellent.

This week we completed ToC and VoA as a guild on the same night and I believe that everyone ended both runs with a smile on their face. We even got the Salt and Pepper achievement from the Valkaries.

Hopefully this week we get a different raid boss so we can do more Naxx runs and start getting some more people the raid experience they need to get into the harder content. While I am thankful for the Emblems of frost from the weekly riad, they do end up getting most of our toons saved to different raid locks and prevent us from doing all of Naxx as a guild. Maybe this week.

Great job guys, and thanks again for the raid leaders that are stepping up!

One thought on “10 Man Progression

  1. Glad to see progression, I am assuming you guys have t9 or ilvl232 so those dungeons should be cake. I would focus more on ToC 10/25 to get geared for ICC.

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