OMG I’m a BoondockSaint BBQ

So you have become a Saint but you have no clue who we are… and well, your time or attention span does not allow you to read our entire history in facebook or the blog, so… here is a condensed lets catch you up.

Since we started we have been a guild about friendship. We had been called the Logtar clique several times, but honestly this is not my just my clique, it is rather a bunch of little groups of friends that like to come together and form kick ass raids. The Tauren Eaters, Gut Busters, The Charlie Mafia, the former guild that could not spell… there are tons of inside jokes, there are tons of stories that we are willing to retell, but overall we are just a group of people that welcome the new comers and want to make them part of this crazy family.

Our common goal is to have fun while playing the game and have gone in many directions during the guilds life. We have raided new and old content, created a horde guild, a lowbe guild, gone fishing, ganking… you name it. We just enjoy playing the game together. We recently completed ToC as a guild and are dipping our toe in ICC. Individuals are raiding with other groups that content and having a blast.

We don’t have many rules, and most of them boil down to common sense. We try to be as constructive as possible with our critisism. We will not carry you through any content, but we will help you to get to the point that you are a contributing member on any group or raid. We hold respect above all, and we see a horde and kill a horde. We do live in a PvP server and will always be Alliance first.

We expect you to know your class or be willing to learn your class. We have officers willing to help you navigate dungeons, meters and bots. We have crafters ready to enchant you and gem you and all we ask is that you have at the very least one gathering profession and contribute with materials or gold to the bank. We want you to give as much as you want, but at the very least to match fairly what you take. We have a bunch of very generous players that keep our GB always full and it is a source of pride for all of us.

Titles are based on what people do for the guild and focused on helping. So you can move up as you help others. That is our only requirement for moving up in rank, be helpful to others. What this means is, answer the call when someone is forming a group for randoms. Its much more enjoyable to run with guildies than to roll the dice on pugging and get Frost Orb ninjas from Sargeras.

So welcome to the new additions to our growing family. Just remember we don’t recruit, the only way to get in is to have a friend in the guild wanting to make you part of the privileged that it is being a Saint.

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