Epic Flying – Irrelevant?

On the road to 80 I did not have many set goals for my professions besides them being a supplemental money earning thing. It was not until my priest became a scribe and alchemist that my main became a true farming toon. I had been advised to pick up skinning and mining as professions and it served me well in keeping some money in the bank while I leveled, however they are not complementary to make real gold in game. I decided to switch Logtar to be a flower child and miner and he became “the grinder”. While those two don’t totally compliment raiding for the extra stats, I had to make the sacrifice. Even in a low population server you still have to wrestle for a node from time to time and a priest was just not going to cut it as a farmer.

When I had the money I dropped the 5K gold to get epic flying. The primary reason was from getting quicker to and from places, instances, farming, dailies. It was a necessary evil, because 5 K are not easy to grind when your main farming toon is constantly getting tells to tank something. Ever since I dropped that much gold on epic flying I have been dreading leveling other toons because once you fly that fast is hard to get on a slow mount… then travel in the WoW became irrelevant for most toons.

I don’t see a reason for getting epic flying on all my toons anymore. The gathering toon needs it to be effective, but once I have mats my crafters can sit happy in Dalaran and do their thing… you need to raid? you get summoned, you que up, there is no travel… also my crafters won’t do dailies besides cooking and maybe fishing, but that travel is limited.

Working on my third 80 now I start to think about the money that it implies and how 5K go a lot further towards leveling professions than towards having my toon fly around in style… however, the dude is druid and flying will come “natural” but is it a priority anymore?

I am curious to hear your thoughts on this matter. Do you think that now Epic flying in all toons is kind of a mute point?

5 thoughts on “Epic Flying – Irrelevant?

  1. No Epic Flying on Recurve, as in fact I have never had 5000 gold at one time. Now that I hit 80, would I like to fly faster? Hell yeah, but it’s not life or death.

    Like you said, raid/dungeon travel is over. I have some green and yellow quests to clear out, and am doing a couple kinds of dailies for rep gear but use the griffin a lot (costs more, bu I can pee while he’s in flight).

    So some day, if I have the bank to do say I will probably train it simply because most of the coolest mounts are epic. In the mean time $$$ is for repair/gear/ammo and enchants/gems on said gear when it’s good enough to warrant.

  2. I agree that maybe an herbalism/miner could use an epic mount but as far all your toons, I agree no use for it on a main with 2 raiding professions. Now days all you need to do is Queue for an instance and wait. What about raiding you say? Take of a couple mins early and you will still be ready for it.

  3. I’d only consider epic flying important for a gatherer or… a druid.

    There’s something special about the Swift Flight form that makes it completely worthwhile.

    As it happens, my druid’s job is picking flowers for my Alchemist/Scribe priest, which made it nice and easy. Hmmm, didn’t stop me getting epic flight for the priest though, wasting 5k just because I’ve liked the look of forsaken riding dragonhawks since that sunwell daily bombing quest…

  4. Gear > Epic riding. I have to admit I laughed when you had me pick up the drake mount in that run yesterday. It’s gonna sit in my bank a loooong while.

  5. I have 10 characters and have bought Epic flight on 9 of them. why not all 10? last one is my shammie I hate playing and she’s only level 65. All of my alts got the Tome of coldweather flight at lvl 68 (or as soon as it came out if they were already above 68) and all got Epic flight at lvl 70. Why? because no matter what you are doing getting there faster increases play time and lowers down time.

    Nowadays you can just sit and queue and wait, but why do that unless you are shooting the shit in /gchat or /trade? I tend to always try to be doing something. So even if I’m in queue for a dungeoun, I am flying to a farming or grinding spot, farming resources, grinding goblin rep, flying to a daily etc. And the Faster my mount the faster I get there. The only reason who wouldn’t benefit from epic flight is if you absolutely never leave town. The best thing about the new LFD queues is u return to exactly where you entered the dungeon from. So as soon as your ready check comes up park yourself next to a titanium node, and odds are it will be there when you get out.

    I do this as a tank, park myself at a node in WG, as i zone into dungeoun, get out of dungeon and mine the titanium, then queue up and get right back in as tank queues rock. Easy way to get extra resources between dungeouns.

    Give it a shot.

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