Raid Schedule Jan 2010

Our focus for this month will be ICC rep as well as gearing up the new 80s. Please see Froto about signing up for any 10 mans. We are going to form our 10 mans for success, we will let you know if you are ready and what you need if you are not. Our 25 mans are open to all. Please read up on the fights and watch the youtube videos before going into any raid. We required you to download and install DBM, Ventrilo and Omen if you want to raid. Contact any of the officers if you have any questions.

Raid Start Times at 8:30 unless otherwise posted in the in game schedule.

Sunday – Monday
10 Man – ICC Rep Runs

25 Man – Weekly Raid
10 Man – Weekly Raid

25 Man – OS
10 Man – Ulduar

10 Man – Naxx
10 Man – ICC

10 Man – Naxx
10 Man – ToC

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