Progression does not mean left behind

After another very fun guild meeting with taking down 25 man OS right after, a group of us started trying to shape our new 10 man group. The next day people logging on see a raid forming and start feeling automatically left behind.

Our guild has 3 speeds of players.

Serious raiders that like to get content done but don’t want to deal with the annoyance of a “hardcore raiding guild” that will mistreat their members at the first mistake or kick them out for a no show.

Casual raiders that want to raid, but don’t have the time to commit to set raid days and times.

Last but not least we have the people that play and are not interested on the raiding aspect of the game.

The problem arises when someone from the casual group wants to go do what the serious raiders want to do, but don’t get a spot on a run that they have the time for. For the most part this does not become an issue because several of our raiders are used to pugging and will gladly step aside if a guildie wants to go on a run. It becomes an issue the moment we start saying progression because it means that we are making that raid with the best players available in an attempt at doing slightly more challenging content.

We have several ideas on how to make everyone feel included, but for now we are settling for two 10 mans. One we are calling our progression 10 man which will be doing higher content ToC, TogC, ICC and hard modes. The other one (or two others since we now have plenty of extra 80 alts) will concentrate on gearing people and just getting people familiar with raiding if they are new in Naxx, OS, Vault and Ulduar.

Honjuder had the great idea that we devote one 10 man per day starting on Tuesday to the weekly raid. We will still wait for the schedule to be ironed out and put in game hopefully before the end of this week.

Froto has stepped up to lead our more serious raiders and I will be using my alt to lead other raids as needed. Since some of the content will not intersect, I might even be able to run some of the gearing runs. Simply sign up for the runs and be ready to show us what you can do. The raids at the progression level will be formed to have the best chance to succeed.

So check out the calendar in game for upcoming events and be part of the fun! The key to a raid besides showing up is being a good team player.

Also see one of the officers if you want to schedule other events, we are going to go on another bear run in the coming weeks.

2 thoughts on “Progression does not mean left behind

  1. This post is eerily familiar to me. My guild is going through largely the same thing right now, though the split for us is at the ICC/ToC/nonraider level. It’s immensely stressful.

    I’m very interested to see how this plays out for you in the coming weeks. Balancing the needs of progress and access are a real challenge, both in terms of managing people and setting a schedule. Good luck!

  2. My guild is also having a similar problem, and we came to something of the same conclusion. An interesting question that helped define where goals differed was “Why aren’t we doing Ulduar and the older raids?” It was a clear sign that some players want to raid, but not everyone wants to be busting through ICC.

    I think we’re going to try having a progression raid group and a more social raid group, too. Best of luck!

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