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The new LFG system has made it very easy to gear up… and if you want to raid, you need to first gear up.

The first step is to create a shopping list. You will want your tier gear and trinkets that will come from emblems of triumph. Be very careful when adding all 5 pieces you can get to your shopping list because

A) The bonus set (there is a 2 piece and a 4 piece set bonus) might be compromising some aspect of the build you want to use. You might be better off just planning to keep a couple of those pieces.

B) You might want to save for the most expensive piece of your set instead of getting two cheap ones if it will give you more output.

First make sure you replace your greens and blues with the purples from the regular heroics. Look at your gear and find where each piece can be replaced. Prioritize the list and then find what will replace that piece and where does it come from. Have not only a list of what can be from a drop, but what can be from emblems, and DO NOT dismiss things that you can get from the lower tiers. Some of the trinkets and backs can be quite useful even from a tier or so ago.

Armed with a shopping list you will have to grind randoms… but follow these tips.

– Get the weekly raid done. If not with your guild, pug it. So far I have not seen any boss that was impossible with a pug, except for maybe the instructor that requires people to know the fight. Patchwork, Razorscale, Sartharion are all puggable. Don’t miss on those 5 emblems of frost if you can.

– ALWAYS do a RANDOM dungeon. It will give you two extra badges, and the first time that day two emblems of frost.

– DO NOT SKIP Oculus, Gundrak, Old Kingdom or Nexus, they all give over 7 badges when its all said and done. In fact, if you have a piece that you need from any of those and have the time, just grind them. They will give you the same number of badges as doing UK or An-K with a random.

– Recruit a tank to help you if you are not one. They will help you queue up faster. If you have a good tank in a random group, thank them and ask them if they can do another one with you.

– DO NOT leave any loot back, even if the tank is going a mile a minute press shift click or set auto loot on. DE at every chance. Save those mats for your enchants, they will come in handy.

– DO NOT waste time. If the group is not working, leave. Set a threshold and stick to it. My recomendation is 2 full wipes. If someone is AFK for a long period of time, leave. If people are being aggravating, leave. Go do some farming while you queue up again. Avoid any group that the tank is a DPS masked as a tank to que up quickly. You can see it right away if they are wearing PvP or non defense gear, or if their health is under 25K. (most tanks of any class will have at least 25 K even when starting to gear up)

– Group with people you know. If there is a group already doing chains, ask to join them and wait for them. It will make the time you waited for them worth it to be in a good group.

– Every day while gearing up, do a run through regular ToC and the ICC dungeons. The gear there is still very good even on the regular mode.

Now that you have some emblems and a shopping list you need to do some Wintergrasp. WHAT? I NEED TO DO BGs… I HATE BGs… and well, I do as well. They are disorganized chaos, but honor is the cheapest way to get gems at the moment. WG seems to be the most effective way to farm honor because of the quests they have. Save the honor and go get gems. Get them cut as soon as you have the best piece from your shopping list. Use cheap gems and enchants from the AH for transitional pieces. Don’t leave open gems or un-enchanted gear whenever possible.

Once you have all your tier gear pieces it is time to get them enchanted and gemmed with the best there is available to you. Then it should be time for you to start doing H ToC 5 man and the H ICC 5 man dungeons.

Using the advice I gave above I was able to gear up my priest pretty quickly and now I only need to replace pieces that either need to be crafted, or are drops from ICC 5 mans or raids.

4 thoughts on “Gearing Up

  1. Half of this post might as well be in Arabic, for as much as I understand it. I think I will wait until I am almost 80 to worry about figuring out my end game gearing. And yeah, I will bug you for advice about it lol.

    In the meantime, after being beaten out on the DPS by a Guildie Hunter a level below me, I am going back to school on the basics of the class. I have a level 72 dungeon quest to upgrade my ranged weapon, and I have looked into changing glyphs to compliment my current build. I have also read up on shot rotation and tactics.

    Am hoping these changes improve my success for these next 3 levels, THEN I can get the phat loot.

    PS: I looked up that pet we talked about, and it is exotic. Won’t be looking for it until I can afford to dual spec.

  2. Ah good’ol beastmastery! darn it.

    Well, the post is mostly for 80s, but all the randoms you do right now still give you emblems only two per run but do save them up.

    Let me know what parts need to be explained and I will do so in the post. Lets bring the level to like Spanish, Arabic I don’t speak!

  3. LoL I knew it was for the 80’s, I just wanted a reason to reply.

    I get the gist, but with all the different badges, emblems, and tokens out there it is a little intimidating.

    Then there are all the dungeon and raid types. You have normal, 5/10/25 man, heroic, weekly, etc. I kinda think it will make more sense when I am 80 and doing it.

    Gracias por tu ayuda.

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