Hollogos hit 80 this weekend, and weird enough he actually did it in a Battle Ground. This is my second WoW toon to reach the current 80 cap, and the first one I did for myself rather than what was more needed. I have created and deleted about 6 characters now, I start playing them and the grind gets boring. I even got a DK somewhat leveled, but when we were able to create horde toons on the same server, I created a DK to help the lowbees run through stuff. Now that toon as well as the druid I created there sit idle. I seem to be a one toon a time kind of person and have not quite caught the altoholic addiction that McTeague is the worst sufferer of, but some of our other guildies are not far behind with 3 or more 80s.

The Future Generation

Leveling a priest in BC was rough. I remember putting the toon aside and leveling my hunter because of just the squishiness of the priest. Also the grind just seemed pointless and not very productive. Then WotLK came out and the race to get Logtar to 80 left the priest all but forgotten and third fiddle to the DK I created. He was not really touched until our progression was stagnant and I needed to make more money. I started leveling his inscription and little by little he started actually being useful.

Lets get ready to rumble

My interest on him started to pick up when we started to receive experience while in BGs. I think I got 10 easy levels that way, but it got nerfed. Then I ventured into the healing side of things and found it very interesting and challenging in a good way. Thanks to some of those once a week healing excursions I actually met some of our guildies. I enjoyed it, but it was not a full time job… almost like a hobbie. He sat at 50 for a long time, and I would log in and quest but nothing seemed to really push him forward.

Two maning Botanica for Potion's book

Logtar was getting to be very spoiled by both Ygraane and Blue having stoneblood potions ready when we were going to start running chain heroics. I had started Hollogos down the alchemy path, but used all of the herbs that I gathered leveling inscriptions. As I got closer to 60 and the capability of making better potions started to get more and more appealing. I made a push for mats by grinding but mostly by having guildies help out and I had my potions almost maxed out in a couple of days. Hollogos was looking better and better.

Yeap, PvP Domination

I started to heal Arathi Basin and getting more and more successful at it, eventually topping the healing charts being just a clicker, not even using heal bot yet. The grind from 60 to 70 did not seem like a grind anymore, but a welcomed break from the tanking. What also helped is that we now have several people in the guild with not just tanks, but the capability of taking my spot on runs. Also the new healers that had joined our guild kicked so much butt, that I wanted to see if I could keep up.

Squishy hurts

Slowly but surely Hollogos got to reach the upper 60s and being able to enter UK. Teague helped me with a full set of gear and I was on my way. It was tough at first, but I started clearing it as a healer consistently. I enjoyed healing more and more each day. Then Blizzard changes the game once again and makes it way easier to not just get gear but progress quicker. The dungeon system was not just handing out emblems but also experience.

Both Logtar and Hollogos were PvPing ever time the daily called for WG or AB. AV has been avoided like the plague since people seem to not grasp that turtling is not just an overall bad strategy and a waste of possibl experience on boss kills but extremely boring.

All those places that I knew like the back of my hand as a tank took a whole new meaning as a healer. Mobs that I thought were super simple to kill became my true nemesis by interrupting or silencing me. I was getting more and more encouraged by the other guildies around the 70s and we had a new little gang leveling up. No wipes, lots of laughs and gear dropping like it was going out of style. Occasional pugs will fill up our ranks and provide even more entertainment.

Feeling a little Walrusy

A week of vacation with no far away destination and cold weather created the perfect storm. I could do a push to get Hollogos about a half of level per day while still raiding with Logtar. Random dungeons quickly started to include the hated spider dungeons along with UK and Nexus.

Then a week ago I started to get queued up to Gundrak. I was surprised because I had expected to spend a lot more time doing DTK, but experience and quest related to that dungeon seem to speed up the process of leveling. I also was con

BwenBwen kicked all of our asses by getting to 80 a week before any of us. Hollogos did beat Pala, Sam, Hon, Minieme, Psycho and Buren to 80 though. Pala and Sam were very close though, I think we dinged just hours apart from each other.

Hollogos is 80!

A very special tanks to everyone that helped me level, without your help the grind would have been long and tedious but you guys made it a blast. Buren, Psycho, Moon, Hon and Froto’s crab for all your tanking, Sam, Bwen, Pala, Linz, Acorn and Bomb and everyone else in the guild for all your DPS and Tera and Moon for all your enchants! I swear they were not wasted :)

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