The BoondockSaints


I don’t think that when we started this guild we realized that we were actually going to progress as much as we have. We have grown in numbers but still have the same family feel we did when it was just a dozen of us. As a guild we have gone six bosses deep into Ulduar and could probably come close to clearing it with the new gear we are all getting. Some of us have finished ToC and even getting into ICC raids. As a guild we are killing trash to get rep and a good number of us have the free rings from there.

We have a lot of fun every night on vent. We are helping people from other guild getting geared and are now on the third wave of 80s. My priest missed the second wave, but is happy healing like some 80 at 75. We are also never short on enchants and gems. More importantly we are never short on people that want to lend a hand.

We also never turn down a good PvP fight. We have made hit lists in the horde side and dominate most of our encounters! (except when we are outnumbered when there is only 5 of us on)

So now what?

Well, for the coming year while we wait for the new expansion and get ready to eventually face and kill Arthras we are going to make Froto happy and raid some more. We took a break from official raiding on December and are going back into a schedule. We are also going to continue with our farming days to keep our bank well stocked with raiding items. I also want to help Aloea and Smidgeon to their achievement seeking goals.

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