Gank Fest

Gank Fest

Our WoW time lately has been very hecktic trying to raid casually while we wait for the latest patch which will drop today. Most of us have been working on our alts so we have more 80s that can be easily geared just by grinding heroics, and with the promise of shinny new gear even farming ulduar. Before we get there we get to actually level those toons. My priest is almost capped on both inscriptions and alchemy now and is sitting at 69 at the moment. I will have some time off during December so it might be time to get him to 70 and have some fun healing.

One side effect of having to level toons in a PvP server is the occasional ganking. Our guild has a simple policy “See a Horde, Kill a Horde.” It little by little has made us the target of ganking… however, it is starting to taste less and less pleasurable for the gankers. When someone is getting camped our guild pulls together and heads to that area and kills as many as we can. We do get eventually overwhelmed since our server Alliance to Horde ratio during peek hours is just insane. This was not the case last night. We took over the circle of blood in Nagrand and then moved to neighboring town with little resistance. Actually had fun just killing the ganker.

Then we moved to crossroads and still no horde response. We then got a little greedy and headed to Thunderbluff to 15 man the dude there. That is when Doorhinge showed up (one of the best PvPers in our realm) and I was able to kill him once… then it was all over. We could not get back on our feet and decided to call it a night. It was tons of fun though, and now you know that if you gank one of ours, you will have to gank us all!

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