PvP Madness

Waiting for our victims

We have been doing lots of raiding, and also have to mention our arena addicted members that take breaks to fill a spot for us. Overall PvP has been low in our schedule and I think we are almost ripe for another attempt at getting the people that are missing the War Bear their chance.

However this week we revisited WG. Since the patch that attempted to balance the numbers things are getting a lot better. Things are not completely fixed, but it is at least feasible for the alliance in our server to win even during peek playing hours.

WG is a fun way to farm honor which translates into gems if you are all decked out for PvP. What makes it even funner is to have several people in your vent doing some shared objectives.

The more I do PvP, the more I realize that one on one skill is almost overridden by class mismatches, but a solid group can even things out even against awesome PvPers and even Pallies.

Give it a try, get a group of 10 people and go into WG and just hang out at sunken ring while defending. It can really tip the scale over to the other side.

Have fun PvPing!

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