Naxx Pwnage

Believe it or not I have finished 10 man ToC, done several Ulduar bosses, even come close to spanking the new Onixya but I never actually finished a full clear of Naxx.

This week the guild had several things going on, but I decided to participate on a Naxx gear run. We are obviously over-geared for that content, but it helps the people that are new to raiding to be able to see how a 10 man runs.

Besides that mind control dude that is just a pain in the butt we were able to clear two wings in a couple of hours. The next day I had more unpacking to do so I just logged for a bit, but most of the original group was clearing the rest of the stuff.

Farming Naxx is fun, specially because we can do a 25 man as well. The weather is getting colder and I am getting settled, its nice to see our numbers right around the sweet spot to be able to run stuff when we want to.

I have also been working on my priest and have fun healing. I am enjoying pvp stuff a lot more than I used to and love to top the charts even in Alterac Valley.

I also hooked up a computer to the big screen TV so I will be doing some 42 inch wow playing this week :)

One thought on “Naxx Pwnage

  1. uhmm no comment i dont have a comment. but I do know that thaddius goes down tonight. oh wait thats a comment.

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