We got Froto Yes We Do

One of the coolest cats on our server just joined the BoondockSaints. It came at just the perfect time also because we needed to push for a couple of new raid leaders and he is probably one that we can learn from the most.

Froto is a pro at pugging stuff, and when you pug stuff you learn a lot. You learn to deal with personalities and class mixes that probably are not adequate but you make it work.

He had been chilling in a small guild with some of his friend and now he and his lady are running with us in a official way. Froto had been filling up our ranks when we needed DPS or heals.

Froto and Mime are both great hunters and that output awesome DPS and they will help our progression. In the second night they were on they took a group to EoE which I have never even set foot into!

I have been running H ToC with some of my RL friends that are now 80 and having a blast. I am hoping this week we get 5 or 6 raids going since we now have more people that can lead. I am excited that I am not running any of the raids and I can simply be a participant.

We are also starting our PvP teams and I will sneak in as an alternate and maybe learn something. I will be purchasing the PvP set with all the conquest badges that I don’t have use for anymore and see if I can actually do any good as an arms warrior.

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