After Party

I was talking with iJustLost the other day about the interviews I am conducting to grow the team we are building at the new job and he compared it to how we run the guild. Running a guild is a lot like running a business. I cannot thank enough the people that help make the Boondock Saints what they have become.

We had our guild meeting and promoted a lot of people. Pala and Poison are now are newest officers. It has been a real pleasure to get e-mails from people recommending others for promotion and highlighting the hard work everyone has put into crafting and getting everyone geared. I think I am the only one that is still slacking by only having one 80. Most people are already on their second or third 80 and a lot have two dungeon geared toons that they can switch on to run things.

We had wanted to take a couple of Horde bosses down for alts and people that have not completed it, but ran into a group that was questing on the path to Orgrimar. Sure enough when we showed up there were Horde already waiting. We quickly got out of there and split up on groups to run the daily heroic. We will have to get the bosses down some other time when there are no people sounding the alarm bells, or just talk to the other guild and show up with more people.

It was a nice guild meeting, we had to upgrade our vent to a 35 person because we ran out of slots. This week we were able to run 25 mans and we are going to start our new raid schedule this week. We are doing a lot better than I could have ever imagined and it is all thanks to the people that are part of our guild. It is nice to have people around that understand that being part of a guild is a privilege! Its awesome to farm together and have flasks, fish feasts, gems, enchants and now even drums as something the guild can provide because everyone pitches in!

A little summary of the points covered last night.

* Be polite and respectful. No putting down of people for race, religion, political affiliation, dps, lack of move out of the fire skill.
* Use our vent channels. We have created more and just talk to one of the officers for passwords or to create additional channels.
* Talk to your officers about scheduling events. We have Halloween coming up as well as world PvP.
* Use your user note to let us know if you are making a push to level your profession. We will help you get it to 450.
* We now have 2 capped enchanters with all the recepies and Moondust very close to getting the all for JC. Get all your gear enchanted and gemmed prior to raids.

Congratulations to everyone on the promotions! (Fotos in the Facebook Group and later on the website!)

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